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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by andidee5, Dec 27, 2009.

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  1. I understand where ysaferrer is coming from. This is exactly why I don't download music, especially illegally. My curiosity got the better of me, and I did stream some of the album tracks, but I don't see the point in downloading LQ versions of tracks.
  2. Well, I have listened to enough leaks, I admit, and snippets, but I have not downloaded nor heard the whole album. I have played Gang Bang ad nauseum, I admit it. But I have backed off because I fear when I get the actual album on my iPod and the physical CD to blast in my car I will be burned out and take away from that feeling, that initial rush. I listened to Brit's Femme Fatale so much, that getting it on release day meant nothing.

    But I know I'm weak. When the whole album leaks in HQ, will be the test for me. Can I stand strong? I love living through these reviews from others, though. It's all cool.
  3. I get where you're coming from. I remember when the release date of a new album by one of your favourite artists was a big event which in these days of leaks is being lost. Sure, it's exciting when songs leak but it can't compare to the feeling of holding that shiny new album in your hand. I think it really is an age thing - I remember taking the day to listen to Erotica and Bedtime Stories from start to finish and I've decided to do the same with MDNA. My friends are raving about it which is great and encouraging after the underwhelming singles but I figure I've waited 4 years, I can wait another 5 days.
  4. Turn Up the Radio, first single. I'm Addicted, second single. Love Spent, third single. That's how I see it.
  5. It's rediculous that there are people (elsewhere on the Internet) saying "Oh no, Madonna is peating herself in I'm A Sinner so it's not good". Can't they just appreciate the song itself without comparing it to the sound of Beautiful Stranger?
    I love it. Also I try not to overplay Turn Up The Radio but it givesme such good vibes and is exactly what I need at the moment.
  6. The is the kind of response I expect here most of the time but some people are thankfully a little more 'thought out' before posting.
  7. I caved and listened to Gang Bang in full, FLAWLESS!
  8. MJH


    "I'm Addicted" HAS to be the next single! It will go down a storm in a club, "I'm A Sinner" is brilliant aswell, i#d already forgotten how good it was, defo "Beautiful Stranger" Part II.
  9. Any sign of a high quality version yet ?
  10. Oh and at the end of I'm A Sinner it sounds like a part of song by Beck Hansen that I can't think of right now..anyways, love that. What a great album track.

    I also imagine there could be amazing remixes of I'm Addicted.
  11. JadeFan

    JadeFan Guest

    I'm still excited for the album release and all the HQs in my hand! Eeeeeeep!
  12. Nope! There might not even be a good quality webrip until tomorrow.

    I think you mean Part III...
  13. Gang Bang and I'm Addicted are probably my favourite at the moment.
  14. I'd think anyone with half a brain wouldn't review this album until we have it in HQ.

    That said, with what we have so far, I'm enjoying this very much.
  15. I'm actually waiting until the HQ and I have no idea why.
  16. It's fine how you want to introduce yourself not only to this album, but also to Madonna once again, but seriously it's in the now and if you can get even a peek at the almost explosive potential that it might have in LQ vs. HQ don't you want to hear what she crafted in such a short amount of time. Yes times have changed and everything is so close to our fingertips with a few clicks away, but that's also a really magical part about getting to listen to tracks evolve into glorious numbers or take a turn to the worst to fillers. If your so distraught with everyone here enjoying themselves why even vent?
  17. I should probably preface this by saying that I'm not exactly that au fait with Madge's studio efforts, nor am I particularly invested but this is the first album of hers that I've been on PJ for from the very beginning of the campaign, so I have been following it to a certain degree.

    While I can see that there's plenty to get stuck into here, I'm generally underwhelmed. Her voice is often reedy and lyrics are frequently utterly asinine and the thing often feels a bit clinical and joyless.

    THAT SAID, Gang Bang is orgasmic and gives me very welcome Tarantino vibes. It's risky, audacious and utterly captivating, while on the opposite end of the spectrum, Love Spent is gorgeous and somehow succeeds in turning the banjo into an instrument of poignancy!

    Turn Up The Radio should indeed have been the lead single as it's just the right side of generic but with a genuine feeling of sophistication and euphoria to it while still being super radio-friendly. On the harder end of the dance scale, I'm Addicted doesn't do much for me, and truthfully doesn't do much for Madonna that countless other artists couldn't do just as well, if not better. Still, the 'MDNA' chants are a bit of a 'moment'.

    I'm a Sinner and I Don't Give A both offer up plenty of posturing and some interesting productions, but not much in the way of a chorus.

    Some Girls' chorus and middle eight are sublime and its sparkly electroclash is a surprisingly good fit for Madonna.

    Masterpiece is overly simple and just plain dull while Falling Free is an altogether more successful attempt at a ballad and sees her voice sounding warmer than it does in almost all of the preceding 11 tracks and the production unfolds beautifully.

    The first two singles, and Superstar, are a bit of an embarrassment to be honest.

    So, a bit of a mixed bag all told. It's not life-changing but it does take a couple more risks than the first two steaming heaps of 'Will this do?' let on and I can see why it would give long-time Madge fans a welcome sense of relief, even if I don't think it's entirely warranted.
  18. I can't follow your argument, are you confusing LQ with a demo....'crafted in a short time' 'evolve into glorious numbers'. There's nothing evolving here - it's just a bad copy of the original. If I missed something in your argument I'm sorry.
  19. Has Best Friend leaked? Unpopular opinion but that's the one I want to hear the most in full!
  20. I pretty much hate it all. I must no longer be a Madonna fan. I'm very sad.
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