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Stebello said: just sent me this

"Your order for MDNA (2CD Deluxe Edition) - Madonna has been posted."

let it be fast!

Fingers crossed. I hope mine arrives by Saturday but something tells me it will be Monday.


I think I will wait for the actual copy now haha... The LQ rips were enough for now.
How people consider this better than the flawless American Life/Confessions is beyond me. I think it suffers from the same thing Hard Candy does, there are 3 or so stellar tracks and the rest is just so... forgettable.

Maybe I'll wait until the HQ is released to voice my final opinions, but as of now I am really quite underwhelmed. Gang Bang and I Don't Give A are flawless though.
I´ll wait for a hq listen before I rate this record, but overall it´s seems enjoyable.

I might have a few issues with her vocals. I´m used to rather "thin" vocal delivery from a few other faves, but Madonnas seems quite strained on some tracks. I hope thes just suffer from the low quality.


Falling Free is one of the best ballads I've ever heard. It's genuinely cinematic.


(Great avatar nevermind. I thought when watching the video how screengrabbable that image was).

I'm still trying to work out what versions of the album to buy. It's all so complicated! Whatever happens, I will be going to a 'shop' to purchase something on Monday, and I haven't made that sort of dedicated trip in ages.


The main tracklist is flawless to me, a classic Madonna album tracklist.
I see Masterpiece is a sort of homage for her hard work as a director.
But the deluxe edition's tracklist just doesn't seem right.
Beautiful Killer sounds indeed beautiful, especially the middle 8 is gorgeous. William Orbit and Madonna at their best. Best friend sounds intresting.
I´m glad the other two bonus tracks aren´t on the regular album version.
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