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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by andidee5, Dec 27, 2009.

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  1. It's raw, sticky and sweet.
  2. In her defense I think it's fair to say she's achieved a level of celebrity that doesn't require her to do much promotion. On top of that her entire world tour sold out in a few minutes, and she performed for the largest television audience ever... what else does she really need to do? She's not really looking for new fans at this point in her career.
  3. Yet she should! I agree with everything else you said, I just find it disheartening that her singles aren't charting as well as they could be, and the album probably won't do super impressive numbers.
  4. I think the video will propel Girl Gone Wild higher in the charts.
  5. I'm absolutely mind blown! Love the album, the only let down for me is the again the sequencing... I've already figured out my track list for when I buy the album tomorrow.

    01. Girl Gone Wild
    02. Gang Bang
    03. I'm Addicted
    04. Give Me All Your Luvin'
    05. Superstar
    06. Turn Up The Radio
    07. Some Girls
    08. I Don't Give A
    09. I'm A Sinner
    10. Love Spent
    11. Masterpiece
    12. Falling Free
    13. Beautiful Killer
    14. I Fucked Up
    15. B'Day Song
    16. Best Friend
  6. Can MDNA be labeled a critically-acclaimed album at this point? I think so.
  7. The critics are fucking lapping it up! One review I found actually said it was 'the closest pop gets to art' haha. Maybe wouldn't go that far but it's great to see the press for once are not turning on a woman because she happens to be the wrong side of 50.
  8. I'd be lying if I said I wasn't worried about this album turning out to be a stinker, but I've been very pleasantly surprised with it for the most part. There is at the very least a solid 9 track albums worth of material. I have a thing for 9 track albums, so this makes me pretty darn happy.

    More then anything, i think this albums biggest issue is production. It sounds rushed, and unfinished at times, even in many of the albums better/best songs (e.g Love Spent, Gang Bang), and in some cases, I think the production hinders certain tracks from achieving possible greatness (I Fucked Up, Best Friend)

    The gems of MDNA, for me are "I'm Addicted" and "Falling Free", along with "Gang Bang" and "I Don't Give A". That final 50 seconds or so of "I Don't Give A" is one of the best moments on the entire album.

    "Give Me All Your Luvin", to quote Madonna, is a fish out water on this album. I have never hated the song, but it just doesn't belong. I feel like it would have been better suited as a one off super bowl single, and not connected to MDNA. "Girl Gone Wild" is bland, but it sort of makes sense in the context of the album. "Masterpiece" does absolutely nothing for me.
  9. On first listen throughout it was AMAZING. And after the video of GGW premiered that song has been stuck in my head ever since.

    The crowning moment for me was during the end of I Don't Give A, just when you thought it was over, the choir background vocal chants come in and it almost made me cry, yes it was THAT dramatic.

    Can we just pretend Hard Candy never happened?
  10. What the hell was her/they thinking releasing and even putting GIve Me All Your Luvin' on the album?

    It does not fit with the album at all and the rest of the tracks are miles better.

    Wouldn't you think that she would just think after it leaked they would just scrap the song all together?!

    On another note, I think a stripped back acoustic version of the song would work so much better than the cheesy cheerleader chant and production of the original
  11. SilverSurfer

    SilverSurfer Guest

    Has Superstar in high quality surfaced yet?
  12. Yes! The whole high quality deluxe album leaked today!

    Speaking of 'Superstar', I absolutely love the beat & melody. My only problem with the song? The lyrics (and those are the only lyrics on the album that bug me). It's just the chorus, too. "I'll play you a song on my guitar", "You can have the password to my phone"... not the greatest. Everything else about the song is so catchy & summery, though, so I really can't knock it too much.
  13. HQ leak?! *puts on hard hat and slathers vaseline on face*

    Let me go find this. And yet again, my body is ready.
  14. Ray


    I think Superstar is just lovely. It's mommy Madge and kiddo Lola making up a song together on a June afternoon. Now THAT is a different side of her.
  15. The "I need to dance" followed by the breakdown in I'm Addicted is a such a moment! Probably my favourite part of the album. Nicki's rap on I Don't Give A is glorious too.

    The weakest tracks are definitely the singles and B-Day Song.
  16. JadeFan

    JadeFan Guest

    The HQ leak was nearly sitting pretty on my computer but Opera froze. Urgh.
  17. I love it. There is not a bad track in sight - even Give Me All Your Luvin' sounds better in context. Weaker moments are the end of Gang Bang (cringe!) and B-Day Song. The ballads could be better and theres a few dodgy lyrics and vocal takes.

    Defintely a 4-star effort and a return to form after Hard Candy.
  18. I´ve changed my songlist, it flows so much better now. The weaker tracks are my bonus songs now and I can skip them. I started with Gang Bang as an opener, she kills her man in the end and my second track is Girl gone wild with the prayer in the begining after she shoot him down. I will rate the songs later, I need a few more listens.

    01. Gang Bang
    02. Girl gone wild
    03. I´m addicted
    04. Give me all your luvin
    05. Superstar
    06. Turn up the radio
    07. Beautiful Killer
    08. I don´t give a
    09. Love spent
    10. Masterpiece
    11. Falling free
    ------------------------ Bonus
    12. I fucked up
    13. Best friend
    14. I´m a sinner
    15. Some girls
    16. B-Day song
    17. GAYLuvin Remix
  19. nevermind

    nevermind Guest

    Can't wait to get the acoustic version of Love Spent.
  20. I'm loving the great reviews, keep them coming! Having listened to the album several times i can firmly say that the singles so far have been terribly chosen. Girl gone wild makes sense as the album opener for the act of contrition intro alone, but as a single it just doesnt make sense at all. Give all your luvin' isnt even a good song to start with so she really did shot herself in the foot with that release. then theres Superstar and Some girls which are OK songs, decent fillers.
    Having said that, the good moments on the album are quite something. Love spent (my fav track on the album), free falling, Gang bang, I'm addicted, and Turn up the radio are top notch Madonna songs but neither of those scream single to me (maybe turn up the radio, but i have my doubts)
    The album does what it was design to do, redeem herself after the Hard candy fiasco. but its just that, it feels like a damage control record, not a timeless album like Confessions, Ray of light, Erotica, etc-
    I hope we get a third video from this campaign no matter what the song is
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