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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by andidee5, Dec 27, 2009.

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  1. Obviously you're right, but there's nothing wrong with chasing hits if you do it well.

    i.e. Hung Up.
  2. nevermind

    nevermind Guest

    I don't think there are fillers on this album. Best Friend maybe, but it's a bonus track,
  3. Ray


    Love Spent is my current favourite. The lyrics on the album are generally very simple but in this song they are just brilliant. "Hold me like your money, spend your love on me" is such a dig at Guy though. It would be interesting if he sued her.
  4. ^^ It's also my current favourite. Maybe Guy is already threatening them to not release it as a single or to change its lyrics in a similar way to what happened with Girl(s) Gone Wild.

    Best Friend reminds me of Nobody's Perfect from Music but it's not as good.
    Yet I can relate to it at the moment so it might grow on me.
  5. Ray


    She'd have to rewrite all of it! "Would you have BLEEEP me if I was poor?" won't do.
  6. I am curious ... will the "free" MDNA cd's given out from TicketMaster with the sale of each concert ticket in the USA count towards album sales?

    Also its funny that the only choice you could pick when they send the "Free" cd's to you is the "clean" version boo!! ha ha
  7. A few days since the album leaked and I'd still give it a solid 8 or 9 out ten, It's obviously very generic but if you step outside of the "Madonna Album" aura it's a very cohesive and strong album, I agree with a few critics that mentioned there weren't a lot of potential hit singles (huge singles) but that all together makes for a stellar album which is a lot like Music (everything but Music obviously) and American Life, the latter being my favourite Madonna album. I'm just hoping it can keep my attention for the next few months, i'd hate for my score to plummet considerably with each listen.
  8. I've had to delete "B-Day Song" and "I'm A Sinner" from the album, they were dragging it down. It's shot from a 4 star album to a 5 star one since.
  9. Ray


    If you edit it down to 10 tracks:

    Gang Bang
    I'm Addicted
    Turn Up The Radio
    Some Girls
    Beautiful Killer
    I Don't Give A
    Love Spent
    Falling Free's a 4 1/2 out of 5, 42 minute affair and that's how I'll keep it for now.

    Can't wait for Love Spent acoustic, plus I need to see the booklet NOW.
  10. So, let's rank this thing! :)

    1. Gang Bang
    2. Love Spent
    3. I'm a Sinner
    4. I Don't Give A
    5. Masterpiece
    6. I'm Addicted
    7. Superstar
    8. Give Me All Your Luvin'
    9. Girl Gone Wild
    10. B-day song (Deluxe)
    11. Best Friend (Deluxe)
    12. Fallin' Free
    13. Turn Up the Radio
    14. Some Girls
    15. Beautiful Killer (Deluxe)
    16. I Fucked Up (Deluxe)
  11. We'll be having words later.

  12. Go back a few pages in this thread, the images have been posted already (well if you would like to see them now and not waitfor the physical CD). It's not overwhelming but it's looking rather good.
  13. The weather is amazing today, all sun and it makes me listen to 'Turn Up The Radio' on repeat.

    This needs to be a summerhit.
  14. Damn, same here. I'm about to go out and keep pressing the play button.
    I'd say it could at least be as big as Give It 2 Me was mostly everywhere if not bigger.
  15. Ray


    Naaah, I shall wait for my deluxe.

    "Turn On The Radio" truly excels in every way that "Girl Gone Wild" doesn't, it's the sound of late spring really, it just sounds like sunshine. And the bit where she goes "and here's where I begin my story" and the synths kick in is BRILLIANT.
  16. Hmm, I most be the only soul on this place who find that song generic and uninspiring.

    I think "Girl Gone Wild" is even better.
  17. nevermind

    nevermind Guest

    I wouldn't call this album generic, it's filled with pre-Kabbalah Madonna-isms.
    It's her way to celebrate "M30" and I love it.
  18. This is her best album to date .. Hard Candy was a disaster!
  19. I have to come here to declare my absolute love and devotion to Girl Gone Wild. It is so, so good.
  20. Ooh, this is great. I actually started to wonder earlier how she felt seeing her contemporaries dying one by one, so I'm glad he touched the subject of death and how she's still strong and intact, despite supposedly being the "talentless" one. It's her and Prince now, isn't it?

    The beginning of the end. Damn you, Ritchie!

    Re: MDNA
    Besides the first two singles, I had only heard the clip of "Falling Free", which, considering what we were given, I thought should have been the lead single instead, despite the cold-ish vocals (anything is better than "Girl Gone Wild"). But THANK FUCK the rest of the album is so good and has personality. "Gang Bang", "Love Spent", "I'm Addicted" - all AMAZING. I'm taking my time with these.
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