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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by andidee5, Dec 27, 2009.

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  1. Wow, it's really amazing how her older lyrics make more sense now we know more about her personal life.
  2. I finally buckled last night and downloaded it and I'm in love. I don't really care if no one else likes this or it flops, it's just what I've been waiting for since Hard Candy four years ago. The only issue I have is with Masterpiece, I've never actually managed to get through the entire song. I will be deleting it.

    1. Gang Bang
    2. I Don't Give A
    3. I'm Addicted
    4. Beautiful Killer
    5. Love Spent
    6. Turn Up The Radio
    7. I Fucked Up
    8. Girl Gone Wild
    9. Some Girls
    10. Superstar
    11. Give Me All Your Luvin'
    12. I'm A Sinner
    13. B'Day Song
    14. Best Friend
    15. Falling Free

    16. Masterpiece
  3. Ray


    I'll add a wow too. I haven't played American Life much because I don't like it really and not much on it other than Die Another Day grabbed me, but yes, this is very telling.

    Why did she stay with him so long, I wonder.
  4. Think I need to revisit American Life!
  5. LPT


    Initial thoughts : It's modern, dark, defiant, experimental, throw-away, and introspective. It's the love child of the American Life, Music and Confessions albums. Am I happy fan? : Beyond happy.. Was I expecting a record like this? : Absolutely not!
  6. I never read her brother's tell-all on her, but I did read excerpts. He pretty much stated it was a troubled marriage from the beginning, but that she was really working hard on it. They were in Kaballah and trying to use that to help them. I think she said in Let Me Tell You a Secret that she was intiially very disappointed in her marriage in the beginning, but it made her grow. But here's another portion with Guy backstage acting like he was so sweet and she called him out on it as being fake. They always interacted oddly but sometimes cute together. He always referred to her as Mrs. Ritchie. I guess it made him feel less like Mr. Madonna. I don't think he was a very caring husband but I do think she liked his macho persona in some ways, which you can see on here backstage at the Re-Invention Tour. She's so adorable but spunky backstage. I can't believe she was 46. She looked far younger.
  7. SockMonkey

    SockMonkey Guest

    I really like the album, but it does feel quite disjointed - it's like Give Me All Your Luvin' is the 'bridging song' between the two albums. I prefer the simpler songs to the kitchen sink ones.
  8. Some Girls is so much better when preceded by Gang Bang.
  9. Really don't like Some Girls. Sounds like something off of Sweet 7.
  10. In her own words on I'm Going To Tell You A Secret, love and marriage should be a challenge... if something's easy you should turn and run in the opposite direction. I can imagine she's the kind of person who would never be happy being truly contented and settled with somebody with no hurdles to overcome.

    Just to backtrack a page no amount of vocal re-takes or better production could've made Miles Away an emotional song. It's a massive turd. As bad as Love Profusion.
  11. I can't bear Some Girls - it sounds like a Born This Way reject! Its on my cutting room floor....along with Best Friend...
  12. Ray


    Well, that challenge cost her a lot of money at the end. And there were many fuzzy dreams involved too.
  13. The full length album version of Miles Away is glorious...there were so many surprises at the end of songs on Hard Candy. Thats what made me love it so.
  14. The drum beat in Superstar at the beginning is identical to that in Hello isn't it?
  15. American Life really is the album that was pinnacle to my adolescence. I'm revisiting it so much now MDNA has come along. It just means everything to me. I was 15 when it was released.
  16. can anyone hear a sample of Bananarama's 'Love comes' on 'Some Girls'? Maybe not a sample, but it's exactly the same melody in the background.
  17. I'm hearing Don't Speak and something else in Beautiful Killer. Sampledonna!
  18. To be honest, I think the album will sound much better without Madge's vocals.
  19. I don't know she sounds really good on some songs. On others she sounds terrible. Christ alive how 60's is B-Day song! Just managed to play the album through from start to finish for the first time and it's actually rather good.
  20. vasilios

    vasilios Guest

    I was thinking this today.

    I'd love the girl that sung I'm In Love (I Wanna Do It) to re-sing the whole album.
    Or any session singer. Anyone.

    I only LOVE her vocals on Gang Bang.
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