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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by andidee5, Dec 27, 2009.

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  1. Im bored already of this album :(
  2. My favourite:

    Do you like being online?

    yes, the hair is standing up on my arms.
  3. Her twitter is amazing. All her tweets come off so mean and sarcastic even when they are sweet and genuine. It's amazing!!
  4. Incredible.
  5. There's some pretty good stuff on this album but there's also some rubbish. Some Girls isn't even worthy to be a b-side. Love Spent and Best Friend are useless.

    Birthday Song I think might be the worst Madonna song of all time. The lyrics are so embarrassing. "I am happy girl, in a happy world". Sounds like that song Edina made up on Ab Fab.

    The rest is pretty good, but to be honest, I can't see anything on MDNA bothering the Top 20.
  6. Love Spent is useless??? Are you sure you meant to type that? Go and have another listen and change your mind!!!

    After a few listens I feel the next singles could only be Turn Up The Radio and Beautiful Killer.
  7. It would certainly be a shame if Turn Up the Radio wasn't a single because it's too obvious. Saying that, if there's going to be another single after that, I'd quite like it to come out of left field - something decidedly uncommercial. Which basically means I am in the Gang Bang as a single camp, not because I think it would chart well, but because I think it sends out a good message as to what Madonna's about.
  8. Is it just me or is this album mixed HORRIFICALLY? I bought mine off iTunes and the sound quality is terrible. It's quieter than literally all other albums I've ever purchased from iTunes. I also put my CD in my car to listen to it on a good sound system, and it sounds quieter than all other albums, less clear, and muffled.... It's bizarre. Having someone like that newbie from the Demolition Crew mix the album was a serious mistake.
  9. I think that's why I like it so much.

    From now on I will imagine that Madge is like Eddie in her personal life. She's already pressurised Lourdes into losing the monobrow. I wonder who her "Patsy" would be though...?
  10. Turn Up The Radio is very blah. It's not very distinctive. She may as well go with Superstar or something.

    I do like the tracks which is more old-Madonna though. Her trying to do electronic/dubstep just sounds awful.
  11. Obvious single campaign should have been.

    01. I´m addicted
    02. Turn up the radio
    03. Love spent
    04. Gang Bang
  12. Agreed though I would still release Give Me All Your Luvin' as a stand alone single for the super bowl then have it as the first bonus track.
  13. So disappointed I missed the Q&A while it was in action. Reading over her tweets now and I am loving the Tarantino mentions. I hope he gives in and does it, but don't mind if he doesn't either.

    I can see everybody trying to contact him to do theirs afterwards......
  14. No but for real. I can't believe no one's mentioned this yet. The actual quality of sound on this album is a problem.
  15. Yeah - good idea. I put Gang Bang at last, because it´s not radiofriendly but it would be a brilliant release just for her fans with a fitting video. I bet the press would pick up on that one.
  16. 32,845 copies sold in the UK on the first day.

    Is that a lot ? Enough ? Sufficient ?
  17. I thought I was the only one who was experiencing this. I had to put my volume up to a 10 in my car just to hear the whole album properly. And the sound is really muffled, like someone didn't know what they were doing during the mixing.

    Still a bit of an enjoyable album.
  18. That seems good to me considering there was no promotion/hit single. I love this album. I LOVED her Q&A. Stupid twitter account name though? I think I am becoming an actual fan!
  19. I think that's plenty for a first day. I mean it's basically sold Bionic's first week and that was #1!!
  20. Good enough.. Considering there wasn't a hit single pushing the album.. She'll probably do 75K+ by the end of the week..
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