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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by andidee5, Dec 27, 2009.

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  1. RJF


    "Turn Up The Radio" with an appropriately summery video appearing around May is really the only viable single choice at this stage. Give it as much of a push as they're capable of, and see what happens. If it flops, then just chuck anything out there. If they can't get that to smash, then nothing else on the album will (Well, maybe "I'm Addicted", but still).

    "Gang Bang", while amazing, should get a video at most. At this point, Madonna's singles need to be self-starters (She certainly isn't going to help them out.) if they're going to be remotely successful. As a brooding, bonkers album track it works just fine, but it would just be a nightmare of a single. Radio wouldn't touch even before they edited out the last two minutes.
  2. Well, did her 'safe' single choices work so far? Atleast it'll make people talk.

    However, 'Love Spent' would also be great for obvious reasons.

    'Turn Up the Radio' would just follow the same route they were on with the first singles, totally one of the least interesting and weakest song on the album.
  3. This single will just do the same job as the first two, hey it's even LESS interesting than the first two.

    I honestly hope they won't follow the pre-fan buzz for this one, it'll end up like when they choose 2nd and 3rd singles for Hard Candy based on what fans wanted but not what would have worked.

    That COULD have been the 3rd single, had they not effed up the first two, now they can't play it that safe.

    Also, 'Love Spent', 'I'm a Sinner' and 'I'm Addicted' could work spring/summer time, and atleast they are good and interesting.
  4. They'd be complete idiots if they don't release Love Spent next with a video of Madonna randomly kicking guys on the street in the crotch and then throwing money at them with a disgusted face.
  5. She needs to do a proper video for Masterpiece and get the whole 'ballad single' thing out of the way. Then Love Spent and if she's feeling generous, I Don't Give A after that. Even though my favourite tracks are Gang Bang and I'm Addicted, i'm happy with them being album tracks as long as she goes all out with an amazing backdrop video for Gang Bang.
  6. It irks me how Masterpiece sounds like some rough demo. What cheap ass beats.
  7. I'm Addicted and Love Spent are clearly the best tracks on the album.
  8. SockMonkey

    SockMonkey Guest

    I hate the layout of the song credits in the booklet. It's like a bloody wordsearch puzzle. Can you see the following words: ORBIT BENASSI WRITTEN PRODUCED
  9. I know!So annoying.
    Add Gang Bang and I definitely agree. Oh and I Don't Give A.
  10. nevermind

    nevermind Guest

  11. An orchestral Masterpiece would make for a nice bit on the tour though.
  12. I wonder if Piers Morgan, Elton John, David Furnish, Guy Ritchie and Deadmau5 would be willing to make cameos? Hi-ya!
  13. Um Give It 2 Me did work?
    Personally I'm glad it was the second single although I admit to hardly listen to it any more.

    I think Love Spent will be the fourth single. There's an acoustic version, it's getting remixed and generally received good feedback from critics and fans at the same time. The third single is likely going to be the summery Turn Up The Radio and I cannot wait to hear that everywhere,

    Personally I'd like to have Beautiful Killer as a single at some time but that's not going to happen is it. I'd also look forward to Love Spent or I'm Addicted and a Tarantino(- like) video just for the fans of Gang Bang.

    Although Girl Gone Wild doesn't seem to be going anywhere I don't get the hate. It's growing and growing for me. And normally this is the type of song that's instant and then quickly gets boring, quite suprisingly it's the opposite for me.
  14. JadeFan

    JadeFan Guest

  15. ^^ I love that they chose the Girl Gone Wild Offer Nissim remix, so unexpected. I thought they might rather use Superstar for the clip (the hopelessly attracted to you part could have worked too). Anyways I really like the Dita-esque clip.

    Superstar is growing on me too by the way but I don't want it on the tour please. I'd rather take any Madonna first album track instead. I still don't know if she'd perform Physical Attraction (would love it) or if it was a random track she mentioned to Jimmy Fallon.
  16. My deluxe edition of the album finally arrived today. I've only listened to the first four tracks so far and I have to say, after being immensely excited by the write-up on the main site about Gang Bang and I'm Addicted, I'm totally flummoxed! I'm Addicted isn't bad but it's hardly amazing, and Gang Bang is an absolute, monumental, embarrassing mess.

    Turn Up The Radio is by far the best song I've heard so far, and that's a 7/10. Boo!
  17. I really hope it's #1. That would be great. 325k isn't too shabby, either!
  18. I bought the deluxe version today (shame about the cheap paper eh? And the Girl Gone Wild pictures are horrible, especially the one with her legs open).

    After almost a week I'm a bit deflated. I love Beautiful Killer like my favourite all-time Madonna tracks but that's the only song I'm all-out loving. I usually have about four or five from a Madonna album. Love Spent and I Don't Give A are good too.

    This gets three stars from me ***
  19. nevermind

    nevermind Guest

    MDNA outselling Hard Candy?!

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