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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by andidee5, Dec 27, 2009.

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  1. I feel the same way. The way she sings it with such a vulnerable yet solemn tone it kinda makes you wonder how it could be coming from the most powerful woman in pop.
  2. JadeFan

    JadeFan Guest

    It's a beautiful lyric. I found it to be a reference to her love for Guy?
  3. I'm skipping too many tracks on this.
  4. "I'm A Sinner" is a grower. Of course it helps that it is very reminiscent of the "Ray Of Light" era.
  5. I adore I'm A Sinner and the "moon with no light of my own" line gives me chills every time I listen to it (which is very often, by the way). I think it might turn out being my favourite track off the whole album. I get major Shanti/Ashtangi vibes from the first two verses.

    And I am thrilled she will be on Twitter again! I really hope this becomes a permanent thing
  6. Catholics didn't even care about Gaga releasing Judas! There was no controversy there whatsoever. I’m actually shocked there was supposed to be a hullabaloo. These ultra conservative religious groups, however, will always despise Madonna above all other popstars, if only because they see her as a 'Catholic basher' and the fact she's 53 seems to really upset them. I think it was Blond Ambition which was branded by The Pope as 'the most satanic spectacle' in history, a favourite quote of mine when it comes to Madonna. She has a genius for that sort of thing in a way Gaga or any other popstar simply does not. Marilyn Manson was good at aggravating religious groups too, but even he was a rank amateur in comparison to Madonna. All she has to do is recite the saints or the Act of Contrition during a song and it does the trick. It's good to see she still has it in her to enrage people. Long may she continue to do it!
  7. I only like these songs when I'm drunk.
  8. From MDNA I think she'll perform the whole album bar 'Some Girls' and 'I Don't Give A'
  9. If she doesn't do those songs live I will walk up on stage and politely ask her for my money back.
  10. Just decided to re-read Peter's track-by-track review. WHAT THE FUCK PETER. If your reading this please explain why you feel that Love Spent is "deluxe bonus track material". Possibly the best song on the album? I love it so much!
  11. nevermind

    nevermind Guest

    I really love Some Girls. The spoken words on the background are amazing, it has a real 90's feel to it.
  12. It's much better than all the pre-release reviews made it out to be. I'm still secretly disappointed it's not a Rachel Stevens cover though. I mean, that would have been AMAHZING.
  13. I have been processing this album for like a week now, and at first I was disappointed that she had finally made the album I prayed for, with some diversity, Orbit and ballads. still wasn't what I wanted. But then I sifted through all the past with her, the Ed Hardy tracksuits, Revolver and various missteps that led to me not obsessing over her anymore. It was a rough breakup, but over the last week I feel like I fell in love with Love Spent, I'm a Sinner and Falling Free...and OK even Girl Gone Wild judge me as you will. That's three more songs I love than on each of the last three albums! So I have to hand it to her even though we can only just be friends now. I even feel like if she stays on this track her best album might possibly (although not probably) be ahead of her!
  14. Hmmm. Despite initial positivity, the album isn't really standing up to repeated listens for me. It all feels ultra-disposable. I love I'm Addicted, Love Spent and like I'm A Sinner and find Some Girls quite listenable, but the rest of it is wearing thin. And the lyrics are so terrible, so so awful; I can't get past that. I cringe with embarrassment and have to skip to the next song for most of it.

    I can't believe what a wasted opportunity B-Day Song is. Madonna, MIA and Martin in a room together and we get *that*? Hang your heads.

    I don't think Madonna is ever again going to make an album that I play to death. And that, viewers, is a shame.
  15. I've gone off Madonna. This album all adds up to a whole lot of nothing. Leaving thread.
  16. The rhyming of glove, love, drug on 'I'm Addicted' is literally insulting. This is the woman that brought us "Papa Don't Preach," "Human Nature," and "Get Together."
  17. My quick review (if anyone cares)

    It's grown on me. Thought it was rather weak at first but it is catchy - 7/10

    Hate the title. I'm still not sure about this. It gets better as it goes on - 6/10

    This has potential to be a single, maybe with a slight remix. Great to sing/dance to - 8/10

    This seemed a little weak at first but now I really like it. Very summery - 8/10


    Still growing on me. Perhaps would have worked better as a bonus track - 6/10

    Terrible lyrics YES but catchy as hell and VERY summery - 8/10

    I like the lyrics but it doesn't do much for me apart from that - 7/10

    My favourite track. HAS TO BE A SINGLE - 10/10

    It's a little dull. May still grow on me though - 6/10

    Brilliant. So happy this was included on the album - 9/10

    Zzzzzzz. Sorry, it just bores me to tears - 5/10

    Another grower. The music sounds like a track from 'Confessions'..? - 6/10

    Um, why wasn't this on the main album, instead of 'Falling Free' perhaps? Great - 8/10

    I love that this is so raw, vocally and musically. I enjoy this more than some others - 8/10

    I like the music and lyrics. Good that it's just a bonus track though - 6/10
  18. Just looked up the lyrics of I Don't Give A and realised she says "Ride a horse, break some bones" Amazing!
  19. I've been playing this album to death, but only in the hope that eventually it'll all make sense and reveal itself to be brilliant. It hasn't happened. There isn't one song on there that I can imagine myself still listening to in a year's time.

    I'm mystified by Q Magazine's claim that it's her best since Ray Of Light. I actually think it's her worst album since American Life.
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