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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by andidee5, Dec 27, 2009.

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  1. Because she didn't want it to be confused with the Cher song of the same name as Cher and Madonna hate each other.
  2. You're joking right? With that logic she would of had to renamed 4 other tracks on the album with random titles? I thought there is an unreleased track called Bang Bang that was recorded during MDNA's sessions? I may be wrong though. I tried changing Gang Bang on my Itunes but it doesn't look right.
  3. Probably to differentiate it from the old demo floating around some collectors. Oh and simply to draw some attention I guess but it really wasn't necessary.

    If there is a any midtempo or ballad to be fully released at all it should be Love Spent and / or Beautiful Killer.
  4. Having spent a few more days with this album it's grown on me a bit. I actually think I'm Addicted is pretty genius, especially the climatic middle eight which keeps building until she says 'I need to dance'. Superstar is pure 80s Madonna and must be released as a single as it's easily got the strongest melody and is very catchy indeed. I'm a Sinner and Falling Free are also pretty decent.

    But Some Girls is really atrocious. I really don't need Madonna to be doing nosebleed techno under any circumstances. Ever. And there is this jarring tendency on MDNA to go for the discordant which renders a lot of the tracks quite forgettable and drgs the album down. Any old Tom, Dick or Harry can cobble together some bangin' beats, but Madonna should should stick to what made her name, which is glorious, technicolour pop. If she must go for club 'cred' she should save that for the remixes.
  5. Superstar seems to have left its chorus in its other handbag, though. And the lyrics are beyond dumb – they're firmly in dipshit territory
  6. Not sure what that means.
  7. It doesn't have any discernible chorus other than an infantile chant. In my opinion.
  8. I love Masterpiece. I agree. It does have a lot of heart.
  9. It's fine. Simple but effective, which is all a chorus needs to be.
  10. Um, I'm probably late to this, but I'm infuriated.

    Just got back from being out of state to get my 2 free MDNA CDs via Live Nation w/ my concert tickets, & I was given TWO COPIES OF THE EDITED STANDARD ALBUM. Who do I fucking e-mail to.
  11. I've never heard of that phrase before but it's now added to my lexicon.
  12. That's what they are giving out. Madonna's fans aren't underage save a small percentage, so I don't get it.
  13. Okay, let's try this again: MDNA sold 56,000 copies in the UK in its first week.
  14. JadeFan

    JadeFan Guest

    This is so going to scrape a million by the end of the year.
  15. I find it somehow incredible because although Hard Candy sold quite a bit more it was launched with a hit unlike MDNA.
    Is Girl Gone Wild out in the UK as a seperate download by now?
  16. This really is going to drop like a rock isn't it? I really see this album under-performing dramatically, not that I'm saying it deserves to.
  17. All the dedicated hardcore fans already bought the album the first week, but with mixed reviews and no hit singles, there's no reason for anyone else to buy it. There will definitely be a big drop. She needs to release the "Gang Bang" video in the next few weeks (and have some fake controversy about violence or something) to get fair-weathers interested.
  18. I'm Addicted would be better.
  19. Ray


    We all know it's going to be B-Day Song with a video being a live montage from Sticky & Sweet.

    (Well if you assume that to be the case the real thing can only be better.)
  20. I would love 'B-Day Song' as a single!
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