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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by andidee5, Dec 27, 2009.

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  1. The instrumental for Love Spent is actually amazing.

    And then I listen to the absolute mess that is Some Girls and wonder what the hell is going on with this man.
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  2. No matter what people say, I just like this album! It's not the best Masterpiece she's ever done, but even if you hate it, I don't give A ..., because it still makes this Girl gone Wild and Some Girls just don't have any taste at all! I'm Addicted!! Sometimes the album screams to me: ''Give Me All Your Luvin'!!'' And I'm still not Love Spent on it because it deserves much more appreciation than it does now. And I confess, I'm a Sinner, i believe in this Superstar

    But for real, even though many people claim this album is just plain bad, give it a GOOD listen!
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    Wtf is mdna
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  4. The album is barely decent. Like, it has some good songs on it (and it also has a few absolutely dire songs), it has some good hooks, and it has some thrilling production moments, but it's such a creative low point. The ultimate example of an artist phoning it in. And her voice is ice cold in a bad way.
  5. Can someone lock or, even better, delete this thread?
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    My drag wasn't worth this.
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    Ban this person and lock this thread.
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