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Meat Loaf - Braver than we are

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by unnameable, Sep 24, 2016.

  1. So there's a new Jim Steinman album which happens to be put out under the name of his favourite vocalist, a man you may have heard of. Sadly Meat Loaf is not what he was - his voice sounds wrecked in comparison to his glory days, as a quick listen will tell you.

    The second song on the album "Going all the way (a song in 6 movements" is the sort of over-the-top Steinman madness you hope for with every Meat Loaf release, and this delivers on every front, even having Ellen Foley sing on it.

    Also there's a cover of "More" by the Sisters of Mercy because Steinman co-wrote it with Andrew Eldritch.
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  2. RIP Meat Loaf

    I wasn’t a mega fan but he was a very talented singer and I do have a soft spot for some of those over the top songs he did.
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  3. Sad news. His 90s output was so camp and theatrical. I had Not A Dry Eye In The House on my playlist the other day and hadn't heard it for years and really enjoyed it.
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  4. Like Peter says, what an amazing popstar. RIP
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  5. Terribly sad news.
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  6. This is so sad, I'd Do Anything For Love is a key song of my child hood, I was literally listening to Dead Ringer last week. RIP Meat Loaf.
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  7. RIP Meat Loaf... very sad news but thankfully the music lives on.
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  8. Oh god, this has really hit me hard this morning. They really don't make stars like this anymore, an absolute legend in every sense of the word and more. I'm glad that years ago I took the chance to go and see him live. The stamina it takes to perform these songs is really something.

    The rock with a flair of pop and dramatics and even camp was something only he could pull off. The operatics of it all was really eye opening to me as I really began to discover music.

    And of course, the prominence he gave strong women to go toe-to-toe with him (musically) elevated the music moreso. Patti Russo, Ellen Foley, Cher(!)

    Hope he's finally found that paradise by the dashboard light (maybe it was the dashboard on the Spice Bus!)

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  9. Honestly what an icon. The way he served up drama, camp and bops and gave up a tonne of space in his music for female singers too? A true legend.
  10. Genuinely sad about this. He seemed so down to earth and so eccentric at the same time.
  11. So sad! RIP.

    This year is not starting well we’ve lost so many icons already.
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  12. Very sad news, RIP.
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  13. Utterly heartbroken, the world lost another legend.
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  14. Meat Loaf's music wasn't really my thing for the most part, but I just rewatched The Rocky Horror Picture Show over the weekend and I had completely forgotten how great he was as Eddie.

    "What a guy!"
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  15. There will never be another Meat Loaf

    If life is just a highway, then the soul is just a car
  16. So, so heartbreaking. Meat Loaf was one of my very earliest musical obsessions. I think I now own absolutely everything he ever released. The man will always be a legend.

    I was lucky enough to see him live twice, before his health really deteriorated and him and the whole band were just sensational. Absolutely electric performer who truly left it all on the stage. I've never seen anyone quite like him. His later performances were not so good and it was painful to see him struggling so much.

    Meat and Jim were a match made in heaven. Epic storytelling and incredible music.

    So many songs that will live on forever, but also so many that are completely underappreciated (in my opinion). Not A Dry Eye In The House seems fitting today.

    He also showed such respect for his female partners on stage. Whether that be Ellen, Karla, Aspen or the mighty Patti. He loved the show of it and I don't think any other performer has had such dynamic chemistry with their partners. And that's not even mentioning the fact he duetted with fucking Cher. What. A. Man.

    I'm going out with this absolute bop.

  17. jtm


    I loved a lot of his songs. Rock and Roll Dreams Come True is I think the first ever single I bought. I also liked some of his later stuff and enjoyed him as an actor.

    That‘s the artist. As for the person, I‘m a bit torn. The last award he ever received is now a Herman Cain Award and that really didn‘t need to happen.
  18. It absolutely pains me that he was anti-mask and anti-vax, although nobody knows his actual vaccination status. So, yes, for the last couple of years, I've had to unfollow him on platforms that he liked to post his unfiltered opinions on.

    Meat Loaf the artist formed such an integral part of my growing up, I need to be able to separate me just disagreeing with his (insane) view on that stuff and still being able to appreciate the music he made prior to that.

    It does please me to see his classic tracks dominating iTunes as well:

    1 Meat Loaf - Bat Out of Hell 1.0000
    2 Meat Loaf - You Took the Words Right Out of My Mouth 0.5670
    3 Meat Loaf - I'd Do Anything for Love (But I Won't Do That) 0.5464
    4 Meat Loaf - Two Out of Three Ain't Bad 0.5000
    7 Meat Loaf - Paradise By The Dashboard Light 0.3300
    9 Meat Loaf and Marion Raven - It's All Coming Back to Me Now 0.3300
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