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Medina - For Altid / Forever (Albums & Singles)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by scandipop, May 27, 2011.

  1. Re: Medina: 'For Altid'

    Danish is sooo similar to Dutch though. I understand al lot of what is sung which is kinda cool. I think that is because of the fact the dutch dialect I've grown up with has a lot of linguistic similarities to Danish
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    Yes, danish and dutch, the holy duopoly of ugly languages. Swedish and Norwegian are extremely close to danish (much closer than dutch is to danish), but their intonation makes their languages far more listenable.
  3. Re: Medina: 'For Altid'

    Well I'm actually so smitten with Medina and the For Altid album right now that I've been trying to learn Danish! So I definitely don't think it's ugly. From the standpoint of a native English speaker it's quite fascinating to me (I've never tried to learn another Germanic language before).
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    according to her twitter, she is currently working on recording her next english album. it's going to be fantastic.
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    Hurry up woman!! I need English music from you!!

    Can I just say that this woman has fucking fantastic artwork?


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    what! finally im dieing! What Good news for a Monday
    I Wait for new Us Album

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    I hate to say it, but I'm not loving that clip of "Forever." I've enjoyed her other English adaptations so much, but this one just seems weird to me, for some reason. But, I'll wait to hear the whole thing before I make a final judgment.
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    I for one really do not like any of her English versions, and "Forever" is no different. It just sounds awkward.
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    I agree, everything just gets lost in translation in her English versions and it sounds flat, weird and like all the emotion has been filtered out of the songs.. Then again I'm lucky to understand Danish I guess. It's such an emotive language, very expressive and with a lot of twists and turns that, to me, she hasn't been able to find in the English translations of her lyrics.

    Lovely video for 12 Dage, it works well as a single for this time of year.
  10. Medina - Forever

    Seems this is the new international single.

    I much prefer You & I. Shame it peaked far to early to do well.
  11. MJH


    Re: Medina - Forever

    I prefer "You & I" aswell but the Dash Berlin Remix version is the best, that used to be played on the dance music channels.
  12. Charley

    Charley Staff Member

  13. Re: Medina: 'For Altid'

    Sounds good, I like it. It kind of sounds like it samples the end of Light Years by Kylie Minogue in the chorus.
    EDIT: Wait, why does the middle 8 have the same lyrics as The One? Does the Danish version do that?

    Any news on her English album?
  14. Re: Medina: 'For Altid'

    I just heard "Forever" for the first time. Sounds quite nice. Something wants me to sing "With Every Heartbeat" by Robyn over it though but maybe that's only me.
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    shes like record or mixing some new english song on her statues most all the time im sure will hear about something soon,

  16. Re: Medina: 'For Altid'

    So it apears her new english Album "Forever" shall get release June 1st with rerecorded english version to the previous "For Altid" Album and New tracks! im so ready!
    music video for "Forever" comes out...this Tuesday!

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