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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by A&E, Mar 3, 2015.

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    Meg Myers is a force of nature. She's an American singer-songwriter with two EP's under her belt (both involving co-producer Doctor Rosen Rosen). Her songs are visceral, emotional and full of fire. Last year's EP Make a Shadow includes the minor US alt radio hit "Desire" which is just massive, "Go", and "Heart Heart Head" which builds up to a jawdropping finale.

    (Apologies for all the superlatives but she's just really good. Make a Shadow was one of my biggest favourites of last year.)
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    Her new single "Sorry" is out today:

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  3. The new tune is good.
  4. Her debut album is out tomorrow. Here's the tracklist:

    1 Motel
    2 Sorry
    3 A Bolt from the Blue
    4 Desire
    5 I Really Want You to Hate Me
    6 Parade
    7 Lemon Eyes
    8 Make a Shadow
    9 The Morning After
    10 Feather

    A bit sad at no Heart Heart Head but I suppose it might be best for her vocal chords, live-wise. Shame there seems to be very little hype. I can't wait to experience her work as an album.
  5. I love "Sorry" so I probably check this album out.
  6. I just want to listen to "A Bolt from the Blue" forever, thanks very much.

    The whole album is phenomenal. Motel sounds like a lost Lana Del Rey song. Desire and Make a Shadow are as enjoyable as ever. The only thing I'd change is trade the bland Morning After for Heart Heart Head. I like the rough production overall. Probably one of the best debuts of the year.
  7. I remember this girl was Doctor Rosen Rosen's (remember him??!) protege of sorts at some point. Whatever happened to him/them?
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  8. This is one of my favorite albums of the year. It's a bit on the short side, but I think that helps more than it hurts it as a whole.
    He's still around, and he's still Meg's executive producer as far as I know. I think he mostly does work with her and other indie artists these days.

    (On the non-music side of things, he's also also one half of the Totally Laime podcast with his wife Elizabeth. They have a daughter who's adorable.)
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  9. I first learned of her with Make a Shadow, and I loved it. Her full album's available to stream on Spotify.
  10. Meg's new music video for "Lemon Eyes" is terrific. Especially the ending. The yellow sunglasses are a bit obvious, but nice.

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    I'm tempted to get her album, I loved Sorry from the PJSC and want to hear new stuff.
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  13. She's brilliant.

    This was my other instant favorite.

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  14. Meg Myers is simply terrific. Especially live.

    2014 Lollapalooza Full Set
  15. Meg was on Conan last night and she absolutely slayed:
  16. Such a good performance. Why isn't she huge yet? No one comes close to Meg in the superstar potential department so far this decade (outside of Lana but she made it), she's got it all. Also Pitchfork NEVER mentioned her once anywhere, what the heck?
    "I wanna skin you with my tongue" is one of my favorite lyric, I always wonder and imagine how one can skin someone with their tongue, haha, but it's such a good line. Outside of Heart Heart Head, the song from her EPs that does it the most for me is After You, those ya-hoo-hoo's are pure blissful melancholy.
  17. She's back! New single out Friday.

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