Megan Thee Stallion - "BOA" + MEGAN (Jun 28)

She just tweeted it. So much better

@megan beb it's not too late to make this the cover!!!
There's footage circulating of Megan crying during "Cobra" at tonight's show in Tampa, FL. Apparently, some lowlife Twitter user spread fake AI porn of Megan earlier today, and Megan justifiably went off on Twitter.

I feel so bad for her. She really can't catch a break sometimes. I teared up just seeing her cry.
The remix gave this a nice boost, though Cardi didn't end up credited.

I'm wondering if we'll get one more single from Meg before the album since BOA only charted 2 weeks, or if they'll just drop it and see what takes off?

She has a break in tour dates before she heads to Europe, so I hope we get some fun promo.