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Megan Thee Stallion - Good News

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by strangekin, Apr 17, 2019.

  1. This is a fucking BOP.

    Just debuted at 99 on the Hot 100.
  2. I'm shook it's taken this long for her to get a thread. Been loving her the past few weeks!
  3. FINALLY. I fucking love her. She's one of my favorite rap girls to emerge in the past couple years (besides Rico Nasty and Cupcakke). I play "Big Ole Freak" at least once a day.

    Her latest single is called "Sex Talk." If I'm not mistaken, it's the lead on her upcoming new mixtape Fever (which is still slated to come out this month).

    For anyone who wants to get into her, these are totally worth checking out:

    She's also on the remix of "Talk" by Khalid alongside Yo Gotti:

    And she's featured on "Pole Dancer" by Wale. Her verse slaps.

    Edit: As @Nicky stated, Fever is actually coming out next month. Apparently she pushed it back in the wake of Nipsey Hussle's death.
  4. Anyways, go stream Tina Snow and Make It Hot. Get familiar with her before she blows up!

  5. She is the best rapper to come out in YEARS. I’ve followed her since 2016 and seeing her get her shine now is amazing. Fever is out next month.
  6. Finally a thread for Hot Girl Meg! She's been blowing up. Big Ole Freak is one of my favorite songs of the year (even though it's from last year nn).

    More to stan:

  7. Been listening to Megan for a hot minute, countless bops. It definitely feels like she's about to have her moment in the coming months.
  8. Big Ole Freak should be the breakout smash of the year, i want it to be inescapable. Sickeningly good.
  9. The sample is genius to.

    A moment of appreciation for Tina Snow's cover to. Stunning.
  10. Ay, I had a couple of shots at the bar, I’m finna play with that dick in the car

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  11. Okay there's a genius instrumental sample in here that is driving me nuts, I can't quite place it please help.

    It's not either of the two on Who Sampled.
  12. This shoot changed my world view
  13. Big Ole Freak is the greatest song of all time.
  14. Wait. I didn't make a thread on her last summer? Oops. (I'm now realizing I didn't make one for the City Girls either)

    Well, I'm glad she is FINALLY blowing up.

    This freestyle made me question my sexuality:

    She is just so EFFORTLESS.
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  16. This is iconic.
  17. Big Ole Freak is my National Anthem.
  18. Predicted to go up to 90 this week :) Smash!

  19. I just listened and I'm bopping. Much like me, this is a real slapper.

    Suck it then look in his eyes
    Then the next day I might leave him on read.

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