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Megan Thee Stallion

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by strangekin, Apr 17, 2019.

  1. She’s so magnetic on stage, and she killed that. I need this to blow up for her.
  2. Rolling Stone cover story:

    More info on her next project titled Suga:

  3. Yas @ a new album hopefully coming in May!
    Wait. I'm mad that they actually had all 3 of them together and we somehow ended up with that messy, boring RS cover. I honestly thought the cover was cropped together from different shoots. They could have had so much fun with the 3 of them together on a cover!
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  4. Imagine the three of them on a Paper Magazine or Galore Magazine cover.

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  5. Actually it makes more sense that they were all there. It's harder to get a perfectly coordinated shot where all three are looking amazing at the same time than it is to take the best solo shot of each and stitch them together.
  6. So her label (not Roc Nation) doesn’t want her to renegotiate her original contract with them and they’re now which probably explains why Cash Shit and the Fever film her never released. Hopefully this gets resolved soon and it doesn’t stall the album rollout.
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  7. This provides more context. I hope she's able to continue her career on her own terms.
  8. Fucking Carl Crawford.
  9. I'm scrolling through all the mess on Twitter right now, only to find out that he's not only the ex of Evelyn Lozada (from Basketball Wives), but he's also been a salty mess since Meg signed the deal with Roc Nation and has been claiming that he made her???

    Labels are insufferable.
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  10. I am so beyond tired of these labels doing this to women in music time and time again. These fuckers really think they own these women. It's literally like signing your soul to the devil.
  11. Yup, he is a real garbage piece of shit. He was withholding child support payments to Evelyn because of some comment she made in the press about him during last season of BBW.
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  12. It disgusts me that I literally just ranted in the Normani thread about the way her career is being stunted, only for this to happen to Megan.

    I know this type of label sabotage happens to a lot of women in music, but it's been even more frustrating to see it happen with talented black women.

    Absolutely disgusting.
  13. aux


    If there is someone in this industry who is hungry for world domination, has the talent for it and the work ethic to do so is Miss Thee Stallion. Sis is out here hustling daily. It's fucking horrible to see her in this situation, being stopped from doing her work by some rat who doesn't want her to succeed.

  14. A judge granted her a temporary restraining order so we will be getting new music this Friday. However, the terms of her record contract (at the source) are barbaric. I hope Roc Nation helps her get out of this heinous deal.
  15. Wow at the contract...These greedy bastards are so fucked in the head. Like make it make sense. It's good that she's dealing with it early on though, and not years down the line.
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  16. ddd can someone make a gif or video edit of her smoking the lollipop?
  17. tea


    She's very brave to sue her label while still in a contract. 10 years ago it would be career suicide. It's too soon to say but I hope this makes enough of a wave to force labels to negotiate fair contracts. Go Meg!
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