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Meghan Trainor - Takin’ It Back

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by sexercise, Jun 21, 2017.

  1. Takin' it back?

    Ready for a successor to this bop from one soulful caucasian chantuese to another:

    The modern Joss Stone indeed!
  2. I'm glad someone said it.
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  3. Why are Meghan Trainor album eras always a scream fff

    The cover, the track titles, Trainor serving a trainwreck.
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  4. You mean…
  5. The promo team at Epic really said 'she doesn't want photoshop? make the cover look as shit as possible then!'

    In all seriousness there were 2-3? good songs on Treat Myself so I guess I'll see what happens next.
  6. On Apple’s New Music Daily she’s literally been placed one from the bottom (of 71 songs!). She’s lower than Megan McKenna and Greyson Chance who I think are both independent still.

    This is dead on arrival… but there is a vinyl to pre-order!
  7. I read the last couple pages and didn't stop laughing the entire time
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  8. This release is giving me "last album of her deal so we might as well chuck it out".
  9. And yet here we all are. PERCHED to ride the M-Train.
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  10. Getting album out without any pushbacks? This seems kinda unbelievable.
  11. Well

    It could be worse I guess? The video has been out for half a day tho and it barely scraped 50k views. I'm sensing a bomb.
  12. You know you're in trouble when even fags like me that will actually seek out and take time to listen to your music are asking where the bops are. How does the lead single relate to the album cover?
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  13. I'm still just perplexed at that cover.....I never really understand when an artist of that caliber releases artwork that tragic? How did nobody try to tell her or the label?
  14. In the words of the great wise Tiffany Pollard, somebody lied to her several times.
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  15. Well, she did say she wanted to release a bop as the lead but the label forced her to go with a ballad. Labels are dumb like that.
  16. I came for guarantee dragging y’all were gonna give her but I’m staying solely for Mama Wanna Mambo.
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  17. Firstly, I'm shocked she's been able to release another album relatively quickly. On the flip side, she's definitely getting dropped after this and it feels like they gave it the greenlight because it's the final album in her contract.
  18. I think the new song is lovely. I like the video too.
  19. Stopping by to say yet again "Let You Be Right" does not deserve to be as good as it is.
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