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Meghan Trainor - Takin’ It Back

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by sexercise, Jun 21, 2017.

  1. It just continues to get worse

    Ready for this train(or)wreck to arrive on October 21st!

    Also it's a scream that I've seen much more of her best friend all over my socials (that I don't even follow) than Meghan who has an album coming out next month ddd
  2. Who is her best friend?
  3. Damn, I was hoping for a bop with that title, but I guess that Meghan has retreated to her comfort zone of doowop pastiche.
    Chris Olsen.
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  4. Why is she going backwards…
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  5. The song is her moving in reverse. She needs to be for real!
  6. Ima sucka for oldies sounding songs so I'm bopping lol
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  7. Nothing about her career says 'easy'
  8. Except her outfit on Drag Race ddd
  9. I don’t mind the new material but it’s so bland, I’m not sure who’s going to be replaying this.

    It’s a shame the original Treat Myself era didn’t work out, the move towards dance-pop was much better than this.
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  10. Can’t believe she’s serving doo-wop redux with this when she could’ve given us the long overdue sequel to Animal.
  11. How did a room full of professional music executives listen to this had any money-making potential?
  12. This sort of shite does really well on adverts and movie placements which is probably why she's rehashing it.
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  13. So by "TAKIN' IT BACK" she means.... to her sound in 2014?

    No thanks Meghan Troller.
  14. We told you in June but you're still wondering?
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  16. "Mama Wanna Mambo" out September 30.

    Track lengths
    1. Sensitive (feat. Scott Hoying) - 2:58
    2. Made You Look - 2:14
    3. Takin' It Back - 2:21
    4. Don't I Make It Look Easy - 2:34
    5. Shook - 2:23
    6. Bad For Me (feat. Teddy Swims) - 3:33
    7. Superwoman - 2:25
    8. Rainbow - 3:2
    9. Breezy (feat. Theron Theron) - 3:04
    10. Mama Wanna Mambo (feat. Natti Natasha & Arturo Sandoval) - 2:56
    11. Drama Queen - 3:08
    12. While You're Young - 2:30
    13. Lucky - 3:08
    14. Dance About It - 3:16
    15. Remind Me - 3:20
    16. Final Breath - 2:25
  17. The girl who gave us Sledgehammer is serving cold, reheated and microwaved songs that they play at the Sonic drive-through and also feature in Walgreen's? Why is she like this?

    This genre literally brings up a trauma response in me of dragging myself to the medicine aisle in the grocery store to pick up some Nyquil while fraught with flu-like symptoms and shivering uncontrollably.
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  18. But but why does 'Mama Wanna Mambo's scream bop?
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