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Meghan Trainor - Takin’ It Back

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by sexercise, Jun 21, 2017.

  1. I quite like her on TikTok, so she has that.
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  2. This. While she's not exactly serving bops this era, her presence on TikTok is entertaining. Why did this make me laugh so hard?
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  3. I-
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  4. You know, her music will just never be my thing, but she has a really fun, nice personality. She doesn't seem desperate either. She seems pretty cool with having had her moment and now just releasing music.
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  5. FB_IMG_1664330823703.jpg Just announced as a judge on thr reboot of Australia Idol.
    If she plays her cards right Aussies love artists that spend their time here and engage.
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  7. Why do I fear we're in for a summer of Don't I Make It Look Easy being played everywhere now

    And also the obnoxiously pink performance of it on Australian Idol.

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  8. Where is mama wanna mambo. I need answers.
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  9. I guess mama didn't wanna mambo after all. The release date is set to October 21 again.
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  10. That rollout…
    Her label hates her.
  11. Mama didn't feel like mamboing just yet.
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  12. They both sound horrendous, tbh.

    This is what we get for letting Treat Myself flop, I guess.
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  13. To be fair that whole campaign was a drawn out trainwreck, or should I say trainorwreck (and the pandemic can't even be blamed). Shame because it's her best album, Nice to Meet Ya and Wave both deserved more.

    I'm not really expecting much from this album as a whole though, apparently it's called Takin' It Back because it's going back to the sound of her earlier stuff... So if we're going to get even more doo-wop dirge than normal, then she can take it back and keep it dd.
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  14. When she unleashes Bang Dem Sticks part II on us, then what?
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  15. The decline… I feel like there’s a lot to unpack in that photo - the fake smile with the dressing gown/beret combo is killing me.
  16. The title "Mama Wanna Mambo" was giving me "Bang Dem Sticks part II" but sadly it ain't.
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  17. Isn't it a play on
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  18. This is a huge win for her. It's not like when Ari has done game tie-ins. It feels like Meghan needs Candy Crush more than Candy Crush needs Meghan.
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