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Meghan Trainor - Thank You (Sophomore Album)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by TheDangerZone, Jan 7, 2016.

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  2. RJF


    Fuck off.
  3. We're okay, thank you.
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  4. Thank you for listening. Thank me for speaking.

  5. She has the best selling female debut of the year with Title, and Title is one of the few platinum albums of the year.

    Just for comparison, Aquarius sold 17,000 albums in its first week.
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  6. RJF


    You're dirty. You're dirty and you're foul and you're wrong and you're JUST!!!!
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  7. I'm still surprised that she hasn't exactly lost momentum. That one John Legend duet is actually doing really well.

    Not her and Jamelia sharing the same second album title. Will Meghan's be just as iconic?
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  8. All I can do is sigh defeatedly. I don't think she's particularly captivating or compelling in the slightest and All About That Bass is one of my most hated songs of the past five years, but it's not like Halsey where her personality is as grating as her music so I'll let ha live and just start prepping for the inevitable radio sledgehammering of the lead single.
    All right then, Tatianna.

  9. K94



    People do far too much with her - I find her totally inoffensive but she has a nice voice and is a capable songwriter. Let's see.
  10. I can see this being a really edgy album. I mean with her audience moving from kindergarten to elementary school, she has so much more artistic license.
  11. I hope her aunt has a feature on it.

  12. The true gay icon.
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  13. All joking aside, if she really brings it with this album I'm willing to give her second chance.

    I think there's some raw talent here, but she's following all of her worst instincts. Like I'm Gonna Lose You is actually a fairly good ballad.

    Don't fuck it up.
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  14. Whatever brings coins for another aunt Lisa video, I guess.
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  15. I'm perched. Half of Title was kind of enjoyable. If she moves away from the cheesy doo-wop sound, she could be great. Like I've said before she's a pretty capable writer & producer so she'll be around for a while even if it isn't in pop star form.

    She's also keeping her label afloat therefore allowing Ciara to release albums so we need her.
  16. No thanks.
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  17. Thank you and goodbye.
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  18. 3AM is a bit of an early Britney bop. I know her music is overly inoffensive but at least she can write and her songs have melodies (unlike certain other female pop acts).
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  19. I don't care if she can write or not. Maybe if she wouldn't write the songs would be better.
  20. She needs her own 'Animal' and then I'll be here for her but right now it's all about her Auntie, Lisa Toney.
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