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Meghan Trainor - Treat Myself + A Very Trainor Christmas

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by sexercise, Jun 21, 2017.

  1. She covered Britney’s magnum opus and managed to suck all the life out of it.

    Send her to the guillotine.

    “Christmas Got Me Blue” and “My Kind of Present” are the only good things here.
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  2. I think it's cute, though I definitely prefer the original. Britney a timeless legend, etc.
  3. Can’t believe what they’ve done to My Only Wish, a mess!

    It’s hard to listen to this before November but I couldn’t resist, it’s a shame as there are some good moments but overall it’s average. I’ll keep Gwen & Sia again for this year.
  4. You know who made an amazing Christmas album? Dolly Parton.
  5. Yeah, I tried with a couple more listens for My Only Wish, and it gives me the same energy as those 1000000 covers that insist on giving Toxic an acoustic, stripped down (authentic!!111) treatment.
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  6. I can't at her including I'll Be Home again.
  7. Well it's a Meghan Trainor song, but some of those fashion choices were questionable. The big bows reminded me when they were trying to make them a thing during the 90s-00s, horrid.
  8. The holiday decorations glued to her face looking like some new skin disease that's about to take over like Miss Rona.
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  10. Choo Choo Betches. Remember this Iconic press release? #HalloweenKills Hew?

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  11. Was this for real? Because wow, its hilarious. Oh and I just now realised her husband is the ginger from Spy Kids.
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  12. Katharine McPhee's social media gay wrote this didn't he
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  13. Too bad that press release was one of the most exciting things in said ‘landmark 2019’ for her.
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  14. Well... Even when the Love Train EP was cute for me, I do prefer she becomes a mom full time and stop releasing music. Sorry, Meghan.
  15. I'm sorry. Have you seen this?

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
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  16. I wish I hadn't
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  17. Meghan Trainor scoring multiple hit songs just a short while ago feels like such a fever dream now. What a bizarre blip.
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