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Meghan Trainor - Treat Myself + A Very Trainor Christmas

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by sexercise, Jun 21, 2017.


  2. The cover is cute & Waves is kinda good. Personal Trainors unite!
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  3. Happy that Miss Trainor and her team decided to join us in 2019 with a decent-ish cover! Now if the rest of the album songs that come out are in a similar vein to Waves I will be both surprised and happy.
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  4. So...they delayed the album around this time last year because she didn’t have a hit...and now they’re gonna release basically the exact same album 1 year later still with no hits? I’m confused.
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  5. It's probably best just to get it out, let it do what it's destined to do (nothing) and move on.
  6. Do we have a tracklisting? It's her best album cover, at least.
  7. If they waited until Meghan Trainor gets another hit single, then it'd never be released. I assume they've realised that and are cutting their losses trying to make whatever small amount they can from it.
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  8. The big irony is, at least people had actually heard No Excuses and Let You Be Right. They'd have been in a better position if they'd just bitten the bullet and released it then. They're probably worse off now.
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  9. I doesn't feel like Epic has really tried at all since they delayed the album. She dropped an EP and a random assortment of singles with no promo and now we have an album announcement. It's glaringly obvious they're releasing the album & cutting their losses.
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  10. matthew.

    matthew. Staff Member

    January is usually a quiet month so maybe desperate pop fans will stream her album and coast it into the top 100.
  11. Island

    Island Staff Member

    That looks more like a self-help/memoir cover than an album cover but it's still a bit of a serve. Why do I want her to give me a bop (and video) as iconic as this on the album:

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  12. I imagine this is getting released to coincide with The Voice UK?
  13. At least the artwork is good this time.
  14. I love the cover, it gives me 2008 flop album teas. Also i believe the album she'll release now is completely different of the one she intended to release back in 2018, but let's wait for the tracklist to confirm it. So sad that Let You Be Right and Can't Dance were ditched but also glad that it means we'll have more new tracks to listen.
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  15. 15 tracks. New promo track Workin' On It featuring Lennon Stella & Sasha Sloan is out with the pre-order. The only previous singles on it are No Excuses & Wave (which means the fucking title track got scrapped lksjfdklsnfklja).

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  16. Wouldn't the albums streams be stronger if they included Let You Be Right, All the Ways, Treat Myself, etc? Doesn't this seem a bit like self and/or label sabotage?
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  17. Yeah. It's always such a bizarre choice when they do shit like this. I also find it mildly infuriating when labels do this because I hate having random loose singles thrown around my library. Let me also reiterate that one of them is LITERALLY the title track.

    I guess the bright side is that when tracks get inexplicably cut, we end up getting more songs in the end. I would assume that tacking on the pre-release singles probably wouldn't cost much more since they're already out there but I'm not a record label so...
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  18. OspreyQueen

    OspreyQueen Staff Member

    Do we really want more Meghan Trainor songs in the world though
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  19. Let You Be Right sweetie I’m so sorry...
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  20. The sad part is this album would have probably sold more if it had been released back in 2018 like it was scheduled to. Her star status has weakened tremendously since then. I would have flopped then too but by the time the 2020 release date gets here I won't be surprised if it debuts at 87 on the albums chart.
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