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Meghan Trainor - Treat Myself (For Realz This Time)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by sexercise, Jun 21, 2017.

  1. The video is cute, but the song sounds like the follow up to No and Me Too so its a mystery why it took her 4 years to get it out.
  2. I agree. It’s not like she completely changed the sound of the album after all this time. It seems like this is the original vision of it just with some new songs on it and singles excluded.....for no real reason.
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  3. “Nice to Meet Ya” is kind of giving me Eve “Tambourine”
  4. Meghan really needs a new styling team. The video was cute, but the looks that she served weren't.
  5. I am loving "Blink" on the new record. The slightly stuttering production by Sigala & Steve Manovski is superb, and suits the song so well.
  6. I hate when music video directors shoot choreography with a still camera. It never looks good.

    In the words of AJayII: "SAH LEEN AH!** MOVE!" **Camera operator
  7. Despite me usually dragging her through the dirt, the album has a handful of some faceless bops that bookend a diabolically fucking boring middle section
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  8. She came through!
  9. Nice to Meet Ya is top 5 on US iTunes already and top 40 on UK iTunes . If it manages to get radio and Streaming support I don’t see why this shouldn’t be a hit tbh .
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  10. Lmao I love Nicki’s verse on this.
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  11. Some time circa mid-to-late January last year I said I was reasonably certain we'd see the results of the 2018 Popjustice Readers Poll before we saw an album from Meghan Trainor. Kudos to Meghan for actually managing to get an album out and proving me wrong. She moves up a (low) rung on my pop power ladder (Peter Robinson moves down a rung).
  12. Who you gon call when you ain’t got the UH

    Me and Meghan run up in the spot like UH

  13. She deserves another hit, most definitely. The album is vanilla, as expected, but definitely enjoyable!
  14. She’s done a video with NikkieTutorials, it’s really cute
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  15. Nice To Meet Ya sounds alright and Funk stood out to me. Her personality seems less insufferable, she seems chill now - my main issue is her sound is absolutely everywhere. Her musical identity is so messy. The only solid thing she’s given me that I’ve really loved is ‘Better’. She’s talented, but there just isn’t much to her as a pop star, for me anyways. It’s all just abit meh.
  16. Nicki serving her best feature in forever for Meghan? Okay.
  17. I honestly thought she was Tori Kelly from the thumbnail ddd. Her styling is not doing her any favours.

    The song, however, is cute even if it's basically a retread of No. Nicki has left me gagged and I hate her for it.
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  18. Who knew Meghan had a few tricks up her sleeve with this one?

    She buried a few solid cuts on the record, put a harder push on the Nicki Minaj collaboration – the lowest common denominator of forced hits – than the album itself, dropped a video, then infiltrated legacy and digital media nearly overnight.

    I have to say I’m... actually kind of impressed by the last minute hustle. And even more impressed that a few songs on the record are fine listens.
  19. The pre-chorus and Nicki's verse are sooo good!
    I agree her styling needs to change but she looks really cute in the black outfit with the ponytail.
  20. I honestly think she got dragged too much in this forum for the kiis and I'm ready to throw her a few streams because the new single is a low key bop. I also just saw her on Nikkie's new video and she seems very genuine and sweet.

    Glad she got her alberm out in the end. Like Meghan, Mrs Petty looks great in the video too.

    But Ms Trainor please don't twerk (or attempt to) anymore.
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