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Meiko - Bad Things

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by DarkSacoura, May 24, 2013.

  1. [video=youtube;h5HX9YFIAt4][/video]

    Meiko, the folky, pop chanteuse responsible for the brilliant 'Leave the Lights On', recently released this single, towards the end of April. It's another brilliant little jam, very plucky and catchy! I'd love for Britney to do something like this, or even a not-embarrassing male popstar utilize the chorus.

    There was only one other thread about her around, which is a shame, because she has a couple of killer songs that I think would be really appreciated. 'Bad Things' included, it's an A+ track.
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  2. 3Xs


    At first I was like "where have I heard this before" until I realized it's being used in promos for the upcoming season of Jersey Housewives.

    Lovely song.
  3. She has a brand new song out and it's great. A real return to form.

    I've loved her ever since Under My Bed back in 2008. And she stole my heart with Hawaii.

    Her debut is stunning.

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