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Mel B signs record deal with EMI / General discussion

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by DoggySwami, Apr 1, 2012.

  1. The interview is terrible. Did anyone see the Celebrity Juice they were talking about? It was ridiculous. They ended up plucking someone from the audience to fill in for Mel until she arrived then she just waltzed in halfway through filming.

    Good luck with the new album, Mel. If you're lucky it might crack the top 400 this time.
  2. Melanie has alot on her plate at the moment.
  3. Well that explains the weight gain, I guess...
  4. Well Geri left the spice girls because of Mel b....
  5. duckface

    duckface Guest

    Geri left the Spice Girls because she's an insecure, attention-seeking twat.
  6. Geri was kind of The Voice/Leader of the Spice Girls.
  7. Geri was always my least favourite, she had the most grating tone too.
  8. I love how this thread starts stating it's not an April Fool's Joke.

    I've loved the Spice Girls all my life so it's good to hear this news. Only, will this really happen? She has been 'about to release new music' for like 3 years now.
  9. Maybe she needs another flop album to bring her down a peg or two, if this interview's anything to go by.

    I don't care how famous someone is or how busy their schedule is, there's no excuse for acting like that.
  10. THANK YOU for posting this.
    Now my hate towards her has just gone up to the roof and I cant wait to see her album hitting the TOP500 AGAIN

    No wonder Geri always had a problem with her and Victoria DOESNT want to do another reunion BECAUSE of Mel B.

    All is explained now and I am delighted to find out!
  11. Hahaha she thinks she's Madonna obviously.

    However I don't think Madonna's that much of a cow.

    Fabulous mag have no reason to lie and make her look bad.
  12. Haha. Awesome!!

    Seriously though, fake boobs aside she has always had the best body image out the Spice Girls and by far the best figure.
  13. Madonna can be a diva but she is a classy act. She knows her stuff and she knows she needs to play the game. And in all honest, if Madonna was acting like this, I'd give her the free pass just because IS Madonna. But MelB, really? Who the fuck is Melanie Brown?
  14. Geri even apologized to her for leaving the spice girls & for the feud they had in the past. But Mel b didnt and couldn't be bothered to apologize for the way she treated her back then.
  15. I sort of love knowing that Mel B is a massive diva with no justification.
  16. She doesn't seem to understand that she needs them more than they need her. Although by all accounts, her behaviour was much the same 15 years ago when the reverse was true.
  17. But she should take other peoples feeling into consideration its annoying how fame has got over her head. The other girls have remained humble & not diva -ish plus this proves she was "The Problem" in the spice girls.
  18. vasilios

    vasilios Guest

  19. She has a face only a mother could love... but her mother doesn't speak to her anymore is that right?

    She's totally unappealing. This won't even make it into a bargain bin.

    Did like I Want You Back though.
  20. See I fully support good old fashioned diva activity but Mel transcends that. She's just a cunt.
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