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Melanie C - 8th Album & General Discussion

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by DoggySwami, Jul 6, 2012.

  1. I absolutely love it!
    It‘s been just added on Itunes.
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  2. Fantastic video and song!
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  3. I was the same. Love the concept and it's really good. A few more looks would have made it amazing.
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  4. Her best lead since... Anymore. Joke aside Anymore is a solid 10/10 as well. I feel like she is getting better each year. Love that vibe for the last 5 years or so.
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  5. This is truly fantastic. The production is really great and she has improved so much on her lyrics, which up to Version of Me have always been a bit clunky here and there.

    Ugh, of course a global pandemic would not stop Mel f*cking C from releasing new music. I love her so much.
  6. I haven’t really listened to any of the last albums or songs from Melanie C but I really like this. Both the song and the video is a pleasant surprise.
  7. Check out The Sea

    It's truly the sister album of Northern Star.
  8. This is brilliant!
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  9. Top 10 on UK iTunes, at #10! Even though iTunes doesn't mean all that much anymore, it's still nice to see her that high up. High Heels managed #28.


    Edit: It's now at #8!
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  11. I bet she was supposed to head to the states from Australia to appear. Such a shame as it would have been her first major television performance since the Northern Star days. I hope James has her back once things have settled.
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  12. Great track, really sleek production. This style really suits her and I like it better when she doesn't shout, the breathy vocals are lovely
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  14. Ok Ms. C. This actually slaps and her voice blends so well with the production.
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  15. Great to see it top 10. High Heels only managed top 40 with a TV performance too.
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  16. She just said on her Instagram live chat that she was supposed to be in Canada, which makes me think they had a huge promo blitz scheduled

    Also she had some really cute t-shirts which I'm assuming are official merchandise so here's hoping she does a ton of bundles when the album comes out
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  17. Amazing song and video. Up to #7 now on UK iTunes.
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  18. Yeah she said she was supposed to be in NY and had Latin America and Asian trips planned as well.
  19. LPT


    Such an utter shame.
  20. The merch has been up on her website for a while, she has some decent looking stuff.
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