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Melanie C - 8th Album 'Melanie C' & General Discussion

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by DoggySwami, Jul 6, 2012.

  1. Aw that makes me sad since I re-posted it here when I saw it, haha. But it didn't really leak - it's already viewable on some streaming websites ahead of its release. I won't share the date since she seems to be sensitive to it. I saw a fan on Spice Circle/DenDen say she was hacked which is far from true.
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  2. She just said that so much work goes into planning these roll-outs, even more with independent artists like her, that something like this can spoil the momentum and asked to please not share it in social media.
  3. I felt really bad for her being upset and the cover being revealed before she was ready. She seems to have high hopes for this body of work and I really hope it goes her way!
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  4. "There are some Spice Girls lyrics that...." makes a face. "Wasn't there some lyric about g-strings...?" thinks about it. Her eyes get big "Wasn't that on Woman....?!!" takes a pause. "Don't bring up Woman...."

    Quickly moves on.
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  5. Just catching up on the live stream now, it's interesting to hear her speak about "This Time", which she said was quite rushed and featured very little of her own writing because Warner Music wanted another album quickly following the late success of "First Day Of My Life". That album's always been a bit of an outlier amongst her discography along with Reason to me, and to hear her say that isn't too surprising. I think most of us feel it's an underwhelming record although it had some good songs.
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  6. From these Q&A's you can tell she was really hurt and let down by Virgin Records during Reason. I get the sense they didn't have Mel as one of their top priority artists after the solo Spice bubble burst at the end of 2001.

    It's pretty ridiculous the label wanted her to be the British Avril Lavigne when Melanie is ten years older than her. Remember, Avril was 18 in 2002.
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  7. LPT


    I got very upset seeing her cry when reminiscing about her lost friend and the leak of the single cover. She seemed out of sorts yesterday.
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  8. The Q&A last night was really special, she did seem in a mellow mood, and she seemed even more honest than the previous one.
    Her comments re This Time were very interesting. Warner Germany clearly thought MOR ballads were the way to go following the success of FDOML but clearly it wasn’t to be, thankfully!
    I think they tried to do that again with the release of Hold On.
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  9. I love how she is aware of how most fans feel about the cringe lyric in If That Were Me. Mel does have a point about the lyric is even more true today. People really can't live without their phones.
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  10. I found that really interesting too. I thought the record was rushed because she wanted a solo record to be out so it could ride the Spice reunion wave. Interesting that Warner were not happy that she left the record behind to do the Spice tour.
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  11. Thanks for this. I absolutely love it when artists, writers and producers do a bit of deep dive into the writing and creative process. You don't get enough of this in pop really.
  12. This was a such great Q&A. It was also quite emotional. I like how honest she was. She touched on a lot of subjects.

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  13. I think she might be done with the Q&A's. She said that she couldn't do another one this week because she had other stuff going on which I guess has to do with her new single coming really soon (next week?).

    Either way she covered a lot on these and I'm sure she will still be active on her YouTube channel with other things.
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  14. I'd take this with a huge grain of salt but apparently she is in talks to have her own radio show.

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  15. She said on a new interview that she colaborarated on a song for the album with a female who is "young, fresh, very different stylistically from her".

    I'm wondering if she scored herself a Billie Eilish collab? It's probably not happening but they seem like they're good friends, I think they share management or something like that? (I've read it on Spice circle a few times).

    She was stanning Rina Sawayama recently too.

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  17. I love Nadia Rose so yes!
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  18. Island

    Island Staff Member

    Never Be the Same Again Part 2!
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  19. So excited! She is being really creative with the videos this era.
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