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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Disco Tears, Jun 22, 2019.

  1. A song from the new album called ‘High Heels’ was debuted last night.

  2. MB


    Wow. Colour me perched
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  3. Sounds great! I love that she seems to be sticking with a bit of a Sporty Spice look, too. Though I guess that's more so because the performers dress up as the Spice Girls too.
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  4. That’s the whole show.

    I also love how she is still being sporty spice even though it’s a solo tour.
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  5. You've got to admire Melanie's work ethic. 25 years into her career, a week after finishing a stadium tour, she's debuting a new song and new choreography. God I love her.
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  6. I love it, it's very fun but continuing with the more electronic sound of Version of Me. So excited.

    In another continent no less!
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  7. She is living her best life right now. I've never seen her so happy. I think she's finally found the balance between the commercial success she craves (and receives as part of the biggest girl group in history) and the freedom and creativity that her solo work allows. She's always battled with the two but now I think she's got the balance right and has realised she can be Sporty as well as Melanie C and be loved for both. I may be on a post Wembley hight but fuck I love this woman!
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  8. Also what a right way to celebrate Pride with the community, actually getting involved and headlining a drag show.
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    I'd hope she'd strike whilst the irons hot and at least get a song (be it High Heels or another) out for Summer whilst she's touring / off the back of the spice girls tour.
  10. There have been almost thirty videos of her performance uploaded to Youtube, I‘ll never get why Brazil is so obsessed with her..

    The new song sounds good, she should really release something soon, it‘s been too long.. Don‘t like the look though, the ponytail has to go she looks much better and natural with her hair like she usually wears it, well I guess it suits the theme of the whole pride show more like that.
  11. High Heels sounds like something Kylie would've recorded around the Aphrodite era. And that is a compliment by the way. I like it. Sporty is looking good too.
  12. Woah that is seriously spectacular.

    Here are some videos, though they don't show the audience:

    She looks so happy and in her element. This tour was a great idea, I can't wait for the videos in New York and Madrid.
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  13. Two icons!

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  14. It seems like she was also on TV.

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  15. Love it.
    If Geri did something like this I feel I'd love it even more.
  16. Love that the ghost of Bryan Adams vocals on When You're Gone.
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  17. Geri wouldn’t do something like this these days.
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  18. I know... Sadly.
  19. Do we know when High Heels is out? It's been in my head since seeing the youtube vid. Surely she'd be missing a trick if this wasn't out soon whilst she's touring and playing it in so many different cities?
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