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Melanie C - Melanie C

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Disco Tears, Jun 22, 2019.

  1. Gutted it's become a winter tour. Not looking forward to travelling around Europe in this weather.
  2. Glasgow has been downgraded to The Garage. Sigh.
  3. Technically an upgrade because she was only in the TV Studio at SWG3.
  4. So she has said.
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  5. So has Madrid. La Riviera would have been iconic.
  6. It's a reasonable decision. At least was postponed and not cancelled.
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  7. It's sad about the postponement, but not unexpected.

    Hopefully she can use the next year to continue pushing "Melanie C" ahead of the tour (which will, with any luck, actually happen in 2022) with more remixes, acoustic versions, or even some new songs entirely. She seemed to be suggesting recently that she wouldn't be slowing down in 2021, so I'm sure we'll have more to look forward to anyway.
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  10. Thrilled for her!
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  12. So deserved! I hope it also opens the door for her to be a coach on the main one too at some point. I always thought she’d be well suited for The Voice - I think she’ll be a great coach and to be honest I am surprised it’s taken them this long to get her.
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  13. I‘m probably the only one who isn‘t excited for this, after Superstar & Asia’s Got Talent even though it‘s good for Melanie of course, to raise her profile and I‘m sure she‘ll have great fun doing it.

    I‘d rather see her taking other ventures.
    Well maybe she‘ll get the chance to perform at one of the shows at least.
  14. What else can she realistically be doing to keep her name out there until the tour though?
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  15. Yeah this is not a bad move at all in the sense that it will allow her to keep her name out there and reach out to an audience she doesn't usually pursue. It won't have any effect music-wise, but it's a way to get new topics for interviews and followers on social media.
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  16. Too Much (yes, that one) acoustic out midnight.
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  17. That's very random, but I'll take it! I wonder if that was originally meant to be part of another project like a deluxe track but she's just releasing it separately now.
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  18. It is very random! It'll be interesting to see if this is the start of a short run of covers like this. We know she had been working on a covers album prior to Melanie C, and she has commented many times about how she wants to keep releasing new content. Cute that the purple colour matches Too Much's original artwork too.
  19. A bit off topic but I've just discovered the Lisa Lopes remix of Never Be the Same Again and it is a chaotic banger. Phew.
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