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Melanie C - Melanie C

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Disco Tears, Jun 22, 2019.

  1. German Amazon is selling the blue vinyl signed.

    Also 90 second previews of the entire album - Good Enough and Here I Am sound like the standouts to me right now, but it’s a lot more mid tempo than I was expecting.
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  2. Woo! Is it just me or is the album version of Who I Am slightly different? Love.
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  3. I thought that too but then thought I was going mad! Maybe this explains why the 3LP boxset has separate vinyl for the singles?
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  4. Hmmm. The album sounds very much like a mixed bag. Lyrically it seems highly clichéd front to back.
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  5. MB


    I mean it sounds bloody brilliant to me.
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  6. Island

    Island Staff Member

    Ddd I mean it is a Melanie C album.

    The album does sound promising overall. It's just a straightforward dance pop album that's fun and easy to listen to, which was her intention. It already sounds better than Version of Me.
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  7. Good Enough sounds so good! also Nowhere to Run is my second favourite from the previews.
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  8. The album sounds so fucking fresh! I love hearing such a current sound from her. I seriously think this might be her catchiest and most accessible album for fans AND non-fans. Overload hits me hard...Phhhew!
  9. I need Good Enough ASAP. It sounds like a major bop.

    I hope Overload isn't the next single. It was one of my least favorite from the previews.
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  10. Island

    Island Staff Member

    Nowhere to Run and Overload are my favorites so far too! End of Everything sounds like a great closer and I can definitely imagine Louise singing that track.
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  11. Overload sounds promising! I loved the tropical house touch
  12. The previews sound great! It's like what I was expecting when she mentioned Version Of Me was more "electronic".
  13. Yep there’s definitely more “drop my armour” which is never a bad thing since that’s the best part of the song!
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  14. I think I'm holding off until the album release (or the live stream which comes before) but I'm glad to see positive impressions here.

    I'm very excited about the album being at least an small success for her, she's been working harder than ever and has the full package going on at the moment.

    Wondering about what the release plan for Overload is, it's a shame In and Out of Love didn't do much, I guess they're probably saving it for the album launch?

    This has been such a perfect era to be her fan and it hasn't even started yet.
  15. Island

    Island Staff Member

    I'm excited for the bonus tracks!
  16. Drop my armour is such an iconic lyric/adlib. It definitely sounds like they've done some tinkering to the adlibs here. I actually thought that 'drop my armour' might have been the album title at one stage.
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  17. Okay the previews sound great. I forget how iconic and recognisable her voice is sometimes. Overall we'll get 14 new songs for this era + great vids, some of her best artwork and a tour. She's smashing it.
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  18. Everything sounds great! Very excited.
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  19. In and out of love has been added to Radio 2's B List!

    She's also having a competition on her facebook to win tickets for the livestreams, t-shirts and a meet and greet.
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  20. Only 233 of the 3LP deluxe have sold (which is about what I’d have guessed, there’s only so many people in the market for a £75 Melanie C vinyl set) - but it looks like they have 2000 to sell in total!
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