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Melanie C - Melanie C

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Disco Tears, Jun 22, 2019.

  1. I like it but mostly the chorus (which does stick in your head). The verses are somewhat forgettable. I've only listened once though so it's probably a grower.
  2. Island

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    I like it! The production low key rips off Same Old Mistakes but it also saves the song from being completely corny. Nadia was a little unnecessary but I did enjoy Mel’s vocals in the background of Nadia’s verse. It’s a cute song. Is it cliche? Yes, but the production and the cool vocals save it from being a cheesefest.
  3. Miniature Spice Girls reunion in the video.


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  4. Does anyone know the credits for ‘good enough’ please?
  5. Yeah it's funny how even just with the backing vocals she does like half of the lines of the rap. Mel C, rapping!

    For all the differences in her solo music, I could actually see this being done by Spice Girls in the way of some of the most sultry R&B songs in Spice, like Last Time Lover or Naked.
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  6. I think it’s my favorite of all the songs because it’s so different for her
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  7. Melanie Chisholm, Darren Emilio Lewis, Iyiola Babatunde Babalola & Aleksandra Denton
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  8. Island

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    Is that the same gas station used in Foxes Body Talk ddd?

    Foxes should’ve co-written a song for the album.
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  9. LPT


    I kept on focussing on Nadia's terrible driving throughout that video. The video is beautiful and the track is plush. Her vocal is divine. So, have half the tunes on the album been released now? Looking forward to the the live stream next week. The teaser video is giving me life! The amount of effort she has put into this era especially during the Corona era is astounding.

    Edit: I realise this post reads like a bunch of tweets. Apologies.
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  10. Wow, I love this. It's so laid back and chill. Without a doubt, this is Melanie's best era since Northern Star. She has almost doubled her monthly Spotify listeners since Version of Me. Growth!
  11. Mel keeps delivering! Love her vocals this era, they sound so rich and a lot softer than previous albums. It’s clear the change of management etc has done wonders for her. Hope she gets a decent chart position for all her efforts.
  12. Even though the era never reached its full potential I dont think anything she has put out since NS touches The Sea album.

    The Sea was special and unique.
  13. Really like it! The instrumental reminds me of a faster “Forbidden Love” (from Bedtime Stories) by Madonna.
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  14. The Sea is a great album. That era was terribly mismanaged though. Leading off the era with Rock Me was a head scratcher. Also, all the music videos from that era were totally forgettable.
  15. I really like the Let There Be Love video...the Germany-exclusive single.

    Just comparing that song with seems like a completely different artist!
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  16. Absolutely love this track! Pure class. I'm glad she had a go at this music genre (that I'm a sucker for) as it fits her perfectly. Definitely an interesting move showcasing another side of the album and targeting a different audience.

    22 years into her solo career and still exploring new territories with talent and humility. An inspiring woman!
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  17. Seriously. She is not the most creative artist, but the drive she's got her whole career and the ambition she is showing this era make her a legend among pop girls.
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  18. Whew, this is massive. So chillll and wavy
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  19. This song is an absolute VIBE. Definitely not her most instant song but completely different from anything she's done in her solo career. Very Take Me Home/Last Time Lover early Spice vibes. Love it.

    Gorgeous video too.
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