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Melanie C - (Self-titled)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Music City Queen, Jun 22, 2019.

  1. Will watch tonight!!! Glad she's getting a lot of press for this!
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  2. This one is a must watch! Definitely the most in-depth interview Mel ever did. Very raw and emotional.
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  4. I was finally able to pick my copy of the book from the post office today. But at bearly 3 pages long. That "extra WHSmith content" is a bit of joke.
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  6. I'm shocked at how much she is opening up in the book and the recent podcasts she has been in.

    It's very interesting hear her talk about the guilt of being successful coming from a working class background and some incongruities like hating when you read awful things about you in the media, but also obsessing when they stop mentioning you, thinking what have you done wrong etc.

    She's also given a tiny bit more background to the recording of Forever and the later days of the group, saying how she didn't want to be with the other girls because they could read her too well and see the issues she was suffering when she wasn't able to control them.

    And the most heartbreaking, how much she hated herself in the 99-2000+ era. People don't usually like her persona from those days but they rarely see that she is desperately crying for help.

    Fascinating stuff.
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  7. And how her spirits were down massively again in 2014, after her relationship didn't work out and and The Sea underperformed. I felt so much for her. That album deserved so much more.
  8. Yeah, it's such a shame the record went unnoticed when it seemed like a strong return to form for Mel. I had no idea it came to a point she almost lost her house at the time! Thankfully she always managed to get other work opportunities around the corner to counterbalance the commercial underperformances of some of her records.

    She's been everywhere these past few days. Bring on US promo next week!

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  9. Good on her for answering the same questions with the same high energy in all these interviews/podcasts!

    Can't wait to finally get the book here in the US next week! I hope it does well for her. I will make sure to tell her how much I love "The Sea" at the book event!
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  10. Does she go into much detail about her albums and the music at all?
  11. I was wondering did she write it all by herself or did she have a co writer?
  12. She was featured on this program. Interestingly she says next year she is going to do something challenging that she’s never done before, but not that far away from what she has done before. There will be an announcement in October!
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  13. Eurovision?
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  14. Maybe? I was thinking of some kind of acting in musical theatre or a movie.
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  15. I hope her dream of being on Broadway comes true one day. She was amazing in Blood Brothers. She conveyed genuine raw emotion which a lot of people who are primarily singers struggle with. I guess her performance was influenced by her just having given birth at the time.
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  16. She mentions every record, the concept and inspirations behind and several key events that occurred during the recording sessions and promotion, but that's about it. She does not really go into details about the songs / videos, except for a very few of them.
  17. I was at the book signing in Dublin this morning and she was lovely, and looked unreal good! I heard her tease a Spice Girls tour for next year to another person, or so I think. We'll see!

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  18. Someone posted this on Spice Circle:

    "Can't tell much more about it but I've just learnt in a Meeting the Melanie C's next project will be launched in October and it's a dancing show. She's been working on it with a male dancer for months. Maybe this isn't news for everybody, but I thought of sharing it with you all [​IMG]"
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