Melanie C - (Self-titled)

I picked up the book on Kindle and never finished reading anything so fast than I did it. It was an eye-opening read which confirms a lot of my suspicions about her mental well-being around the time Forever was released, especially that Holler performance at the EMAs. I also believe it was the group's final performance together before the first hiatus?
This is the biggest media coverage for a solo project she's had since probably the Northern Star days - I guess Who I Am the single would have also had similar exposure if her trip hadn't been cancelled due to bloody Covid! Fingers crossed she'll gather this much interest again for her next album.
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Last night was so amazing! It really was a 26 year old dream coming true. Melanie C was so lovely. The conversation was great and the interaction with the fans and the Q&A was awesome too. We got to take a quick picture with her and I showed her my first Spice Girl shirt which I got when I was 6 and now can’t even put a hand in and she loved it.

I was such a crying mess leaving barnes and nobles!
I got my signed copy today. So happy.
Not only has she been working hard, but she has been so open and vulnerable in interviews. It must be hard to constantly have to relive the difficult times of your life dealing with depression and eating disorders. I would find that incredibly difficult. I admire her strength and open heart.
She is and always was so pro and present at the same time in everything she did. She is such an icon in that sense and a big inspiration personally with her overall attitude, work ethic and style/appearence too. I always believed she would be bigger as solo when the stars aligned because she always gave 10/10 of her. And at some point that totally pays off in my opinion. What she achieved in last a couple of years is sort of like a tastement to that and I believe she can be even bigger in time (in terms of respect and overall coverage/public perception). (In my eyes she is sort of like an alternative universe Madonna in terms of drive and work ethic.)
Any juicy tidbits on any of the other spice girls? I would imagine not because she wants to do a tour for the 25th anniversary so doesnt want to say anything too controversial, i reckon if she released this book straight after spice girls first took a break there would have been controversial comments.