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Melanie C - (Self-titled)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Music City Queen, Jun 22, 2019.

  1. This seems like the place to ask, so I bought her Melanie C album on Amazon tonight (UK if that helps) the deluxe one with 2CDs so I can get Self Love which seems to not be on streaming or iTunes. It came with the auto rip feature which is a digital download, and it doesn't have Self Love on it? It's the digital version that is on streaming etc with all the remixes and acoustic versions.
    Will Self Love be on the actual CD or am I out of luck? I youtube'd it and it's a bop.
  2. Yeah, it should be.

    The expanded deluxe edition released last year without Self Love wasn't available physically, so the 2CD you've ordered should be from 2020 and will have it.
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  3. Thanks for this. Seems I got two albums for the price of one then. Can’t wait to get my CD now.
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  4. Great interview!

  5. GCZ


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  6. Guys, I am shaking. I don't really get to post here anymore due to boring life reasons, but this happened a couple of weeks ago and my life has never been the same since.


    26 years of anticipating this moment and it was better than I could ever have imagined. I got to spend a couple of hours with/around her and it was everything. She is a living legend and an angel.
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  7. So nice to hear about all of your stories meeting Mel the last couple of weeks!

  8. So happy for you!!!! Congratulations!!!!
  9. Okay so I've dipped into her most recent albums and she really found her sweet spot with Version of Me and Melanie C didn't she?
    Being a musical queer I loved Stages, she chose some excellent songs to cover. The Sea remains her best though, an era ruined by poor single choices.
    Stupid Game, Burn, Drown all left as album tracks? Rising Sun not even making it? Madness.
  10. To be fair, I believe Think about it was a good first single choice. Weak might be a bit more questionable but she got a good amount of radio spins from Radio 2 so I believe that influenced it being picked as a second single.
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  11. “Think About It” was a great single choice. She should’ve followed it up with a remix of “Drown.” She has a bad track record with second singles, though “Who I Am” is my favorite from the last album.
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  12. Awww lovely pic! Where was this?

    Mel is always so lovely in person.
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  13. Also, the remixes vary between the deluxe CD and the one on digital/streaming - the Who I Am and Blame It On Me mixes are their full versions on the CD and it also includes a High Heels remix that isn't on the digital version

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  14. She went with Weak because she had a radio deal indeed. And it's one of the best songs on the album. Drown may be my personal favourite but it's really only Burn that was a lost single.

    So happy for all the US fans who got to meet her recently!
  15. That's very artistic from her. I'm happy that she has no issues trying new things.
  16. I’m glad it’s not another reality dancing show. It sounds very creative and a passion project. It’s not totally new as she did study modern dance in college. I admire how she tries did things, but is committed to and good at all of them, unlike some people who dabble in different things but don’t do any of them well.
    The choreographer worked with Merce Cunningham who is one of the most modern dance choreographers. Saw his company many times in NYC.
  17. I love how she surprises us fans and tries her hand at new things! Hopefully this leads to her getting to perform on Broadway too as from her book you can tell she really wants to do that.
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