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Melanie C - (Self-titled)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Music City Queen, Jun 22, 2019.

  1. Wow, what a lovely surprise. Sadler’s Wells is such a prestigious venue! I will try to go, I’ve been meaning to come attend a show there for a long time. I love Merce Cunningham's company work so I'm very excited to see Jules Cunningham involved in the project. So inspiring to witness Mel navigating through all these different spectrums of creativity, our girl sure likes to take up a challenge!

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  2. My copy of self titled should be here tomorrow. It's taken a trip to France for some reason even though I live in Scotland. I hate how my CDs are more well travelled than I am.
    High Heels not being on the album in it's original form is SO criminal. One of my favourites right now.
  3. Looking fantastic

  4. The Lady is a Vamp!
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  6. Moreso this but yes.

  7. She radiates beauty. Stunning woman.

    My CD came today, not a huge fan of the bulky cardboard box but still, nice to have Self Love finally.
    Also nabbed This Time, which I am looking forward to as I adore Carolyna,
    The album cover is lovely, but I much prefer the one for the single of This Time.
    The bold fringe was epic and I love how striking her eyes are.
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  8. Mvnl

    Mvnl Staff Member

    I always found the This Time (album) cover to look a bit budgetty. Something about the fonts and that color green I think
  9. The placement of the text bothers me so much. There is a large space in the upper left with nothing going on.
    The artist in me needs it moved to please me.
    It looks much nicer in the white and orange of the single cover. The font itself is good but yeah, that green is hideous.
  10. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

  11. Melanie C looks beautiful on the cover, but yes its channelling Kylie circa 2002.

    They both look gorgeous!
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  12. Northern Star was released 23 years ago today.

    Still one of the all time solo masterpieces and part of my solo spice holy trinity (NS, Schizophonic and Free Me)

    Such a good album and era. So sad how unhappy she was personally during it however that doesn't take away from how strong it was.

    Some of my fave performances from the eras 3 best singles. Ahhh miss these days!!!

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  13. I recall the excitement around the album release, everything felt so fresh, and then of course she smashed in 2000. Still gutted I missed her gig in Madrid, the only time she's ever played Spain in all her solo career!

    This was A MOMENT:

    She had THREE flippin' number ones in the space of 7 months! It really is a pity she was struggling so much begind closed doors.
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  14. A golden era!
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  15. I Turn To You is still such a rush.
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  16. ICE! ICE! ICE!


    Who is gonna steal your crown?
    MEL C!
  17. Okay what idiot decided that Wonderland and Living Without You were a) only b-side worthy and b) not worthy of putting on streaming? I am dying to add them to my collection, they are perfection.
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  18. There are a fair few gaps in her streaming. It's so annoying (same with the other spices too)

    And yes, both are amazing
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