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Melanie C - (Self-titled)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Music City Queen, Jun 22, 2019.

  1. Have we had a Mel C rate recently (or ever)? I'd be keen to take part!
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  3. Melanie performed 'Spice Up Your Life' and '2 Become 1' during Scott Mills' treadmill challenge on BBC Radio 2 yesterday.

    She'll be performing a live PA at Dublin's The George on Dec.9!

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  4. I got tickets to see her at The George! I'm excited to see some of the songs from the last album live. I imagine that she will do Who I Am at the very least and then the classics, probably in a short set.
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  5. Mel will be a musical guest on ‘Art On Ice’ (ice skating gala in Switzerland) from Feb 2 to Feb 12 next year, right after her Sadler’s Wells ballet show in London.
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  7. I saw her at The George in Dublin last Friday and she was great. She looked unbelievable and was super into the vibe of the night. It was a celebration of Davina Devine's 20-year career in drag and it was beautiful to see a Spice Girl taking part in it considering the role they played inspiring a generation of queer artists.

    It was a short set, only four songs, which is what I expected considering the venue and that it was advertised as a live PA, but they were all hits and had the whole bar singing from beginning to end. She did Who Do You Think You Are, which I didn't know she did in her solo shows? Between her and the drag performers that opened the show it was a great night.
  8. Good for her I guess, it‘s been almost 6 years since she‘s done anything in Switzerland. I was thinking about going, as I‘ve been before back in 2009 when the Sugababes were the headlining act. Apart from the musical performances it‘s not really it unless you‘re into Ice Skating…

    Oh and the tickets..
    Oh My are they expensive!
  9. She met royalty!

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  10. She appeared at Emma’s Christmas show and sang with her.

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  11. New podcast interview.

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  12. Mel is featured on Jessie Ware's Table Manners podcast this week for one Christmas special episode. She's very excited about her upcoming show in Sadler's Wells and live performances next year, she also confirms her main focus will be on recording new music!
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  13. Was thinking with all the recording she‘s done over the last two/three years, the new album is in the pipeline and ready to go.

    I guess we‘re getting an October/November release from her like usually at best.
  14. Sha has just cancelled her performance on New Yer's Eve in my country, Poland.

    Doesn't want to support homophobic TVP, nost popular tv station in Poland funded by our awful government.

    She's awesome!

    Update: she is all over the news. Every fanpage on Facebook is reporting this
    And almost everybody is supporting and apllauding her decision
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  15. I really like she's done this.

    So many famous people when things like this are pointed out would put their head in the sand and just go through with it all.
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