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Melanie C - Version Of Me (7th album) & General Discussion

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by DoggySwami, Jul 6, 2012.

  1. Has she given a submission deadline anywhere? How long do we have to send stuff in?
  2. Someone said 22nd August on Twitter, but I'm not sure where they got that from.
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  3. That info was posted on her Instagram so I guess it's true.

    I was really looking forward that
    Room For Love is gonna be released and we're going to get another single but the idea of that music video puts it a little bit down for me really..
  4. I hope we get some cool remixes.
  5. No remixes. WHERE ARE THE B-SIDES THIS ERA?!?!
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  6. She seems quite bitchy here

    "I need photos of ME not YOU"

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  7. I thought it could have been written in a less condescending manner. It's not like they gave any indication to start with what videos or pictures they were actually after.
  8. Love this! It's always great when an artist references the Spice Girls but to actually write a whole song about them is pretty awesome.
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  9. Yeah the way they worded that is a bit off. Capitalising and such. It's sounds very high school mean girl.
  10. Honestly I love that 'I hate my 67 fans' letter so much.
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  11. Not Melanie chasing 99's Geri on that letter.
  12. Hi,

    This is Melanie again. MELANIE. I just wanted to say that if anyone (ANYONE was also a name of one of the new songs on MY new album, NOT yours) was offended by my message the other day about the videos and photos please DON'T be!!!!!!!

    My CAPS lock just gets stuck every once IN A WHILE. SoRRY.

    Girl Power
    Melanie x
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  13. Mel must of been really angry writing this... she got her song title wrong. It's Anymore silly :-)
  14. LP


    This is the best thing to come out of this era. I'm gagging.
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  15. Haha.

    I have no idea really. I'm sort of lost with her this era.
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  16. Rob


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  17. Has anyone here met Mel in person?
    What kinda person is she to meet?
    Is she happy to take a hundred selfies or is she more the "don't bother me" type?
  18. Ive never met her but she seems pretty down to earth however then she does stuff like that post above or during the NS - Beautiful Intentions eras when she had such an ego and chip on her shoulder.

    She's hard to work out at the best of times.
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  19. I think she was very angry around NS/BI eras. One she was angry for being a spice girl and the other she was angry at the (ex) record label. Itmust affect her.
  20. I got that however I didn't get the bitchy comments about her bandmates and other popstars around that time.
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