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Melanie C - Version Of Me (7th album) & General Discussion

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by DoggySwami, Jul 6, 2012.

  1. "On top of all this, I need your favourite photos of me! NOT photos of YOU, but photos of have taken of ME!!!"

    How is this letter better and more enjoyable than most of her album campaigns?
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    Atleast she's showing consistency
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  3. Have you listened to Version Of Me (Not you, but ME!)?
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  4. I hung around the stage door for her when she was in Blood Brothers in the West End. She was absolutely lovely, happy to answer any questions we had and took pictures with everyone who wanted one. Granted, there weren't a million people waiting but there were probably 30-40 and she was humble and down to earth. Couldn't have asked for anything more really.

    I honestly thought that the written response above had been made up. It's brilliant.
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  6. We did the same thing and then her PA came out and said she wasn't coming out or stopping to sign/have pictures.
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  7. Oh no! Now that I think about it we did have to wait for ages. We did wonder whether we'd missed her. Maybe she was deciding whether to come out or not.
  8. Cus baby now we've got Bad Blood (Brothers).

    That letter is incredible! Can't imagine how many weird submissions they've had to make them put something THAT stern out.
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  9. My friend worked at the Hyatt here when she came to play a gig as part of the Northern Star tour so she called me and I went and waited at the lobby. I then went downstairs at the gym where she was doing yoga and waved at her and she waved back. Then she passed by us on the way to her room and said yes to pics but 'wait so I can have a shower first' which she did and she was very cute, we talked about the album and the singles and she signed all my CDs. She was lovely.

    And the show was fantastic - I was so lucky, Norther Star was my album of the year, Never Be The Same Again was my coming out song (lolz) and then she played my town, such luck.

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    Nothing short of Uh.May.Zing.
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  11. Jam


    Dick pic, dick pic, drag Version of Me, picture someone's cat, drag Victoria...
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  12. Suddenly "make room for love" takes on a whole new meaning.
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  13. Room for Love is up for pre-order on iTunes. Do we know if it's any different from the album version?
  14. I'm gonna take a wild stab in the dark and say....... no.
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  15. This thread being bumped just reminded me of that hilarious statement to her fans over the video. Has she just been going through the submissions since August?! A "I couldn't look If That Weren't Me" tee.
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  16. By the way, I had no idea DenDen had shut down.
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  17. It was only very recent. Very much the end of an era. I used to live on those forums back in the early 2000's when the Spices were releasing something every other week. It was mad but so much fun but I haven't visited the forums for years now.
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  18. Oh yeah I completely forgot about 'that' video. I bet she didn't get enough 'good' submissions. She was very specific about what she wanted.
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  19. I think it was time. It became like a crazy institution. Those people were not normal.
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  20. The track length is the same as the album so I doubt it’s any different.
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