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Melanie C - Version Of Me (7th album) & General Discussion

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by DoggySwami, Jul 6, 2012.

  1. It's weird to put a single on pre-order if it's no different from the album track. I love Mel for treating the music business as it's still 1999. #retroqueen
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    It's all a bit strange isn't it?
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  3. Doesn’t seem strange to me. Allows people who have the album download it again as a single.
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    Yeah, that's actually really really strange.
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  5. Must just me then that finds it as annoying as fuck to download a song from the album as a single when single artwork has been announced. In the digital era singles should be singled out by having separate download packages, with a remix package having the single track alongside mixes then a package with a b-side, acoustic or instrumental alongside the single track.

    God Bless Mel C for bringing 1997 to 2017!
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  6. I think it’s fine to have the same song on iTunes Store under the single and the album artwork but PREORDER? You don’t have to preorder it. Just get it from the album. So there might be a small chance it’s a different version.
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  7. I'd bloody hope so, the songs been out almost a year already! Looking forward to the "Version Of C" edit.
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    If it came with the things you mentioned then absolutely!
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  10. Looks like it was put together well, but it's going to be so cringy.
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    Looks kinda cool. Would've been nice if they remixed it and made it more dancier.... the video would have suited the vid then (and I'd be more interested in this release).
  12. First TV performance of Room For Love:

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  13. I love her but I wish she'd perform them as they are on the album as I think the dance/electronic versions really escalate the songs. They don't translate as well when performed as a ballad.
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  14. This whole campaign has seriously been dampened by her insistence to perform every time acoustically. Had Anymore been performed as per the album version on radio and TV I'm sure it would have performed much better. If she wants to perform acoustically every time then release an acoustic album!
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  15. I would love an acoustic album from her.
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  16. I'm just saying this because people have been mentioning that a lot in this thread, but when was the last time any artist sang on the radio with the album instrumental? I've never heard of such a thing.
  17. That's true, @DoggySwami but it was to her detriment because she kept talking about how different the album was for her and referring to it's electronic influences, only to whip out a guitar and perform a diluted version of the song.

    I wonder if having a guitarist and a keyboard player with her would have worked better, or if it would have fared a little better if instead of the live sessions, she did interviews where the song was played after?

    Either way, the amount of promo she secured across TV, radio and magazines was a lot more than I expected with this album. Hopefully that's a good indication going forward that there's still some mainstream interest even outside of anything Spice Girls related.
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  18. Happy 18th Birthday 'Northern Star'!
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  19. It's pretty much a given that she will make a Northern Star-themed tour for the 20th anniversary, right?
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  20. I’m all up for that.
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