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Melanie C - Version Of Me

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Mr Brightside, Aug 29, 2016.

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  1. Melanie C has announced a new album to be released in October titled 'Version Of Me'
  2. Oh my god. This is so exciting.
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  3. RIP Sporty Spice 1996 - 2016
  4. Version of Me is the title.

    Sounds like a personal album.
  5. Aah, I'm excited for this. I figured something would be coming soon, but I didn't expect it that soon.
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  6. I kinda want a Mel C and Sophie collaboration. I liked that these two started their own record labels.
  7. The Sea was incredible, if she can manage to put something together that's a similar quality we'll be in for a treat. I find it interesting that this is coming so soon, maybe purposefully so she'll be free next summer.
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  8. Melanie C always delivers good music. She won't disappoint.
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  9. So excited!!!

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  10. I refuse to believe for one second that it is just a coincidence that she announces the details on the new album just when Dan Wootton publishes the exclusive on why she isn't joining the group:

    They are all playing with us. All four/five.

    Anyway, it will all be "Spice Girls was a product of its time and it doesn't make sense to make new music" and "there's no Spice Girls if it's not the five of us".

    I'll enjoy this album and then will see the four of them on the reunion tour.
  11. Ray



    I wish I could like her voice. I watched half of the "Too Much" clip but I just find myself missing the others. I'm not one of the "it's not real if it's not five" brigade but Mel C alone is... too much Mel C.
  12. Island

    Island Staff Member

    I hope she brings back Twink C.
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  13. I'm confused as to why she's against the Spice Girls getting back together as anything less then a five piece when she's been saying for years that it could be just the four of them.
  14. I can't wait for this. Is numb the first single?
  15. No, but the album includes other songs she recorded with the same producers, so I bet it's a good indication of the general sound.
  16. That's great. Hope we get to hear the first single soon.
  17. Jam


    Looking forward to this. Personally I love her voice and enjoy all her albums - particularly Northern Star and The Sea, more is always welcome.
  18. I'm curious about the sound she's gonna go for. I will need some kind of Closer outro vocal delivery again.
  19. I wish I was more excited for this than I am.

    I own every one of her albums and enjoy most of them.

    However I just don't feel the excitement for another one from her right now.
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