Melanie C

The Sea is perfect. I got so much out of it back then and still do now. Drown probably remains my favourite album track of hers.

I’d say its underperformance was a turning point for Mel. In her book she speaks about being in debt after that album and it’s around that time she went on to do Asia’s Got Talent, so it makes sense. Warner Germany wasn’t on board anymore and she eventually changed her whole team for the release of Version Of Me, openly speaking about how she needed a new vision because they had been doing the same old thing for years.
I hope she puts it out on vinyl and deluxe CD and we all go buy it so it finally goes Top 40 - I remember her posting about crossing her fingers for Top 30, only for it to stall at #45!
It's such a strong and immaculately produced set of songs packed with potential singles. I wish it had come just after the Spice Girls Olympics performance as I think that was what solidified them as legends globally.

Had Katy Perry or Kelly Clarkson released Think About It, Stupid Game or Burn they would have smashed. Rihanna or Miley could easily have had hits with Drown and Enemy too.

Really would have loved her to have delved more into the creative process for this album more so than the others in her memoir as it really did feel like a huge step up in quality and confidence and as she mentioned, it stung the most when it didn't do much.
I was truly shocked that this album in particular under performed. Out of all her releases since ‘Northern Star’, this had the most commercial appeal and was such a natural progression. As so many have said on here, if this had followed her debut album, it surely would have solidified her as a solo artist, positioning her for a global market.

So many standout moments, but when I saw her perform ‘Burn’ live, the track was pure fire (no pun intended).
This might be really corny to admit, but, The Sea is an extremely personal for me, i could relate to almost every track, i believe her relationship with Scarletts father at the time was on the verge of collapse, i myself was going through the exact same thing, the first time hearing Drown i was an absolute crying mess, it really hit a nerve that one… but none the less the album gave me a lot of hope and was the tipping point for me to get out off what became in the end an extremely traumatising relationship.
The Sea's commercial underperformance was a shame and a huge letdown for Melanie. Think About It is a lost hit! It was so exhilirating when the song came out.
The album is definitely Northern Star's older sister. I find it a bit too moody/depressing overall but it's a solid record, that showcases a broad range of styles with depth and gorgeous production. Enemy is one of my favorite tracks ever.
In the end, I think it led Melanie to explore new territories and free herself from some sort of comfort zone, which was a much needed move.
Listening to The Sea today for the first time in a long time, following the discussion on this thread. It really is a masterpiece. The production and quality of One By One is sublime. I used to skip it when the album was first released but it really got me today. Stupid Game remains that bop