Melanie Martinez - K-12

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September 6th


  1. Wheels On The Bus
  2. Class Fight
  3. The Principal
  4. Show & Tell
  5. Nurse’s Office
  6. Drama Club
  7. Strawberry Shortcake
  8. Lunchbox Friends
  9. Orange Juice
  10. Detention
  11. Teacher’s Pet
  12. High School Sweethearts
  13. Recess
Despite all her... controversies, I do think she's an incredible vocalist and original artist. Her sound was a few years ahead of its time, but she really paved the way for the Billie Eilishs of the world thriving today. They're all basically doing now what she was doing back in 2015: baby-voiced spotify-core sadgirl dreampop.
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but she really paved the way for the Billie Eilishs of the world today. They're all basically doing now what she was already doing back in 2015: baby-voiced spotify-core sadgirl dreampop.
Eh, I think Lana and Lorde begat that trend more than Melanie did.

And I have to say, the Timothy allegations and that awful "diss track" left such a sour taste in my mouth that it pretty much killed any interest I may have had in her new music. It sucks because despite all the prior weirdness with her whole Adult Baby aesthetic, I thought she had at least an interesting voice to maybe balance it all out, but I'm not so sure anymore. I also think we may have hit peak babyvoiced sadgirl spotify-core dreampop saturation about a year ago, so on top of all of that, unless she's changed things up her moment may have passed.

(I had to redo this entire post because my original one was a word salad that made no sense)
ddd not some messy gay releasing a whole album of demos.

Out of all of those, Drama Club was actually recorded for MM2.

edit: I noticed her Spotify page says this was uploaded on September 22, was it only just made public?
Even putting aside the allegations her continuation down this route seems baffling and uninteresting. Cry Baby is a decent album but I’m not here for her trying to scam an entire career out of one pretty stale concept.
The new album drops on September 6th, along with a full length musical film she directed and stars in:

She's still still clearly got a budget and a major label push behind her for this. I'm really curious if she can stage a comeback after the allegations and then taking such a big break from the scene. The musical landscape is so different now, but her streaming numbers are pretty fantastic considering she hasn't had anything out in 4 years.

I also wonder if The Voice will welcome her back to promote, considering she's still their only real success story.
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I liked her during my "not like the other gays" phase but then quickly realised she is nowhere near the leval of the "not like the other gays" icons like Lorde, Lana, Sky etc.
Let’s make sure it happens again

Also calling her original when she’s using baby and school children imagery isn’t it fam. It’s just down right fucking creepy
Yeah, I don’t understand why they are still doing the whole creepy underage styling with her. That alone makes me not want to listen to her new music. It’s 2019 for gods sake, why hasn’t anyone on her record label called her and her team out on this?
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