Melodifestivalen 2008 - Discussion Thread

pandemonium said:
As much as I love my schlager I was really hoping they sent Sanna. She had over 50,000 more televotes than Charlotte, the problem now being if she does badly in Belgrade (ie not top ten in the final) the Swedish Tabloids will be in for her just like Martin Vs. Nanne.

Yes but it didn't exactly do Stenmarck's career any harm - he's had huge hits since Eurovision.

As long as Charlotte can advance from the position of death (second) in the semis she will do well in the final.

I don't feel sorry at all for Sanna actually - I think she's found herself in the best possible situation she could have found herself in! She's now the 'people's champion', will have a huge hit single and album for the first time in her career and doesn't have the risk of flopping at Eurovision to contend with.
The probable reason why Charlotte didn't win the televote was that she was so far ahead with the jury vote, by 38 points, and there was still a lot of time left for televotes after the jury votes, that a lot of people didn't vote for her, as they thought there would be no point, or the Sanan fans voted in their masses instead. Sanna was only 50,000 ahead, and if Charlotte hadn't been so far ahead with the juries, it probably would have been a different story...
Seventeen of the top 20 songs on this weeks swedish charts are from MF! All the finalists are in the top 10 apaprt from Christer who is at number 15. Charlotte is still number one with BWO at 2 and Sanna at three.


I wonder if they'll release the tele voting figures from before and after the jury delivered their votes. I think your theory might be right, Danny. Never thought about it that way before.
Everyone who likes 'Hero' please don't forget to vote tonight, pleeeeease, help Charlotte to get to the final from 2nd place of death!!!