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Melodifestivalen 2017.

Discussion in 'Eurovision' started by Txetxu, May 15, 2016.

  1. Ack! 3am in Oz babez! If i'm up (which could happen - it'll be Sunday morning) i'll log in and watch with you lovely folks.
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  2. Red Bull gives you wings!!
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  3. Noooo, I probably won't be at home.
  4. Wish I could, but I'll be at work!
  5. Gutted! But next time!!
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  6. Great idea! But sadly I'll be out doing a rehearsal for a amateur Dance show I'm in in a couple of weeks. Trust me to have the gayest excuse ever to turn down something already pretty gay ;)

    Have a blast - I look forward to reading all your comments when I get home
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  7. I'll be on a train to Leeds but I will watch it after if its meant to be a good one and read along your posts! Enjoy.
  8. I'm going to be out at 2

  9. Island

    Island Staff Member

    I'll be at Disney tomorrow :(
  10. [​IMG]

    Well this weekend seems like almost as much of a flop as "Mitt liv."

    I think @KamikazeHeart and @Txetxu and @constantino would prefer being stuck listening to an album of Jon Henrik's joik than stuck with me so let's

    another time
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  11. Drinking?!
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  12. Buying the wine I will later be drinking

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  14. Ohhhhh she went there.

  15. In news that nobody cares about, "I Don't Give A" was JUST added to Spotify USA today, so I'm preparing for a weekend full of


    I love how COOL and UNBOTHERED Lisa is, that she forgets the location of the pocket on her trousers and misses.
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  16. 'I Don't Give A' remains absolute garbage.
  17. ssa


    Try Again is hands down one one of the top 5 sleekest songs to Enter Melodifestivalen in the last decade (which also means ever).
  18. Thanks for sharing, Felix FO&O!

    Since I can't figure out how to prevent it from automatically embedding go to his Instagram @felixsandman and look for the boxer shorts photo.

    Gotta thing, gotta thing indeed!

    Me when I saw it

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    Both at the picture and at Wowx4 utterly ignoring everything that is rules since he stopped being a moderator.
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