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Melodifestivalen 2017.

Discussion in 'Eurovision' started by Txetxu, May 15, 2016.

  1. That moment when you discover a de-Rudimental'd version of "Hold On" by Nano was included on the New Music Friday NL Spotify playlist LAST WEEK


    Don't try it, @MusicIndustry
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  2. I don't why i'm obsessed with this song.

    I find Axel sexy BTW...
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  4. Does anyone trip over in the video?
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  5. What's next? Blanket producing the Wild Child video?!?
  6. Let the fucking horrible "Hold On" trite die a death already. Fuck, if that Jackson child paid attention to "Busy Doin' Nothing" we would be talking.
  7. Or Amare.
  8. The world wasn't ready. It's OK, we know what's what.


    That 'rijana reign just won't let up.
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  9. CRACKING UP at Rita Ora being forced to guess the professions of random Swedish celebrities, including some Melodifestivalen stars.

    2:40 is especially delightful.
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  10. Why is Benyameen Ingrosso on my news feed

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  11. Always happy to see HairyBae but ... Volkswagen is really scraping the barrel for content if they're already on BI. Tove Styrke was a much better start.
  12. Public announcement: Nano has released a follow-up single.

    DO NOT accidentally click any YouTube-links or listen to it in Spotify New Music Friday playlist.
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  13. Benjamin Ingrosso released his new single "One More Time"
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  14. GOD BLESS YOU Krista Siegfrids for your dogged and continued insistence on forcing bjops on the Swedish public whether the ungrateful hoes want them or not.

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  15. melodifestivalen 2017 was the best thing that ever happened to me sob
  16. Shame most of the entries were trash, and mostly in a bad way.
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  17. True but the songs worth saving are pretty great.

    I still use Gotta Thing About You and the Wiktoria song nnñ.
  18. Fixed it for you
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