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Melodifestivalen 2017.

Discussion in 'Eurovision' started by Txetxu, May 15, 2016.

  1. Clara Henry, David Lindgren and Hasse Andersson will be the presenters for MelodifeZZZZZZZ sorry just fell asleep there.
  2. Keep Clara on YouTube plz
  3. WHY?!


    So no Queen Gina Dirawi? Great.
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  4. Don't know the others, but David Lindgren is excruciating viewing.

  5. I smell tedious dansband interval performances.
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  6. Don't forget Frankie Valli & The Four Seasons-covers, courtesy of David starring in Jersey Boys:

  7. Too bad there isn't a dislike button on here.

    I wish I could find the link, but I remember reading a story earlier in the year how David could not perform in Jersey Boys because he was in the final of the Melodifestival. Since only 3 of the 4 advertised Boys would be there, the lady in the article believed that she should only have to pay 3/4 of the ticket price. In the words of Donald Trump on Twitter, Sad!
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  8. David Lindgren needs to vanish.
  9. It's beginning.

    (Aftonbladet pretty much always gets these things right.)
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  10. I feel like The Fooo is the worst band name ever (Conspiracy or otherwise). Maybe it's because I don't know how many O's are in it.
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  11. ssa


    That's... N O T looking exciting at the moment.
  12. Super excited to see Lisa Ajax coming back. Her latest single is a bop and a half.

  13. Got a feeling they'll be the winners, they're signed to TEN Music and have had a lot of money and attention pumped into them.
  14. I see them pulling an Ulrik Munther.
  15. I hope Samir & Viktor come back and snatch the win.
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  16. ssa


    I've seen Viktor on Tinder.

    It took me a while to link his profile to him.

    Welcome to Random Facts
  17. Aftonbladet writes that Charlotte Perrelli is back!!!

    We officially find out the mystery 27 names tomorrow morning EXCITING
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  18. I always hope and pray that Alcazar is there. In 2014, if I recall correctly, they weren't mentioned in any of the rumours but ended up among the acts. I know they have zero chances of winning, but I'd be happy to see them return every 3/4 years.
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  19. ssa


    I'm seeing them at the last day of their residency in Stockholm.
    Seems like it went extremely well for them, and it could very well lead to a Melodifestivalen slot now that they're not bound to that several days a week.
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