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Melodifestivalen 2018.

Discussion in 'Eurovision' started by Txetxu, Mar 22, 2017.

  1. Sweet papis and mamis, let's start our Melodi's 2018 thread to speak up 'bout trashy speculations and hopes. Here's to another fab year!
  2. [​IMG]

    That's all.
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  3. Ready for Wiktoria to once again scream the house down!
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  4. Can we get a 2.0 version of this already please.
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  5. David Shitgren will enter again, won't he? The song will either be the same as his former three, or a fucking dull ballad, either way he'll probably sneak his way to another final. Why, Sweden.
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  6. Ace Wilder to join the three time losers in hosting.
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  7. "Love Love Love" was such a fucking tune and boost for Agnes. I vividly remember both previous singles of Dance Love Pop barely scrapping Top 10 in Sweden and this disco gem cracked the Top 5 and revived the album altogether. Viva Melodifestivalen!
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  8. Release Me only peaking at #9...

    At least it came back for an even longer chart run at the same time as it became a hit in Europe, but Sweden has done Agnes so wrong. Veritas should have been huge.
  9. Does Sweden hate Agnes?
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  10. Veritas is incredible. Why do swedes treat their Popstars like dirt. And that's my statement.
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  11. Nah, she's not hated, but people just don't particularly care for her.
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  12. I shall not stand for that. Lemme protest at Malmo Central Station when I'm there.

    "Love Love Love Agnes, fucking Sverige!"
  14. Adrijana will flop over and over again --sad face--
  15. Sweden just can't handle ha spooky urban po͝osē :/

    Rap never does well in a Eurovision context...
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  16. Here for Adrijana's hyperspeed evolution to schlager diva.

    Or maybe she could give us something in the vein of Gina:

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  17. Cilmi, but I want more Ace Wilder just to see her flop.

    I wish I like vanilla but I'm so strawberry.
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  18. Anything and everything that sounds in the vein of 2008/9 scandipop (Agnes, September etc.) AKA euphoric legendary music.
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