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Melodifestivalen 2018.

Discussion in 'Eurovision' started by Txetxu, Mar 22, 2017.

  1. I wish MPH was returning this year. I don't blame her if she's given up on the contest since the Swedish public pays her dust, though. And I get it. She's a unique, bold, effervescent personality and Swedes like things very uniform, muted, and "lagom."
  2. I talked to Andreas of Alcazar on Facebook and the English translation of what he said was:

    We had such an awesome damn good dance song with a beautiful message in the lyrics written by Joy and Linnea Debby (Heroes, Busy Doing’ Nothing, bla) but were told a few days ago that Christer Björkman did not want to go with us. We do not know the reason why. Perhaps because the song is too good, so the winner’s good. And that Alcazar would win which is not included in Björkman and SVT’s plans, so choosing not to go with us. Fixed, what do I know … Alcazar survives of course and has a lot of exciting projects near year (Alcazar celebrates 20 years in 2018!) What fun to go to the winter gala in Malmö soon! Hug
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  3. They'd better release a new album and tour for their 20th.

  4. Imagine having Måns Zelmerlöw as your father.

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  5. I used to think that the person I felt worst for in the world was Scott Evans, the brother of Chris (the US one, not the UK one). Imagine being gay AND not being able to think Captain America was hot. What a thing to miss out on in your life!

    Well, now the person I feel worst for is Måns' son (if eventually male-identified and queer). I'm so sorry that something that brings joy to so many will be off-limits for you.

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  6. NO! "The Festival Theme" or nothing!!!!!
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  7. VAR ÄR EDIN?!?!?!?!?!?!?

  8. Wow next year's MelFest just gets better and better~

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  9. Me for six weeks in February and March:


    At least Wiktoria won't be there...
  10. We'll always have this:
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  11. A&E


    I've been catching up on Så mycket bättre (mostly for Slaybina) and Kikki really snapped on this Iconic Poop cover! I need her to serve this attitude during Mello too.

    This news is extremely disappointing but I can't really blame him for fleeing the sinking Dovvid ship.
  12. Can't believe you all even bother to get angry. At this point I'm just annikafioriously losing all fucking hope.


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  13. I am so gutted, why did they have to change it?! At least we'll always have the memories...

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  14. I know Benyameen always talks about a "girlfriend" but

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  15. In other Melodifesivalen news, Danny Saucedo is certain he has solved the mystery of cancer. Apparently it’s all about ... yeast infections.

    When asked about whether Danny should apologize for dismissing decades of scientific research, professor and ’Cancer Scientist of the Year’ award winner Lena Claesson-Welsh, who refers to Danny’s claims as ”fake news and full of groundless facts”, answers: ”I’d suggest you could just generally listen to him less and less”.

    It’s still unclear whether she’s also referring to his musical output in recent years.

  16. Me thinking about the acts in Melodifestivalen 2018:

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  18. Only Dotter excites me because:

    However, still don't think to watch it.
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