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Melodifestivalen 2018.

Discussion in 'Eurovision' started by Txetxu, Mar 22, 2017.

  1. I’m lit obsessed with Songburning
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  2. In My Cabana


    Patrick Swayze


    All The Feels


    The trifecta of relevant (nn) pop bops.
  3. Well done Ctrl-Alt-Sigrid for almost making it to the final, too bad you didn’t hack enough apps to make it through.
  4. Oh wow, Renaida was so close to getting directly to the final
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  5. I think the worrying number here is Fuldans' votes. That will only encourage SVT to include more of this type of shit in future.
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  6. What worries me the most about Fuldans is that it wasn't even THAT bad live in the arena and I feel bad about kinda enjoying it and being caught by a cam as I clap for it, embarassing as fuck
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  7. What a mess. 710 000 people voted through the app in the final, yet 9 songs got over 1 million votes and no entry got over 1,5 million votes. Ridiculous. I listened to a podcast featuring the guy who handed in a report on how to change the voting system to SVT after last year's criticism about how the Swedish public's votes were so all over the place that they were essentially worthless and everything is up to the international juries. His main message was that SVT's ”solution” (force the juries to give points to a few more songs) wasn't nearly going to solve the problem. He also said SVT won't change the system to 2019.

    Theoretically, it's quite plausible that the public's favourite could end up in last place. Just look at ”Everyday”, Sweden's third favourite this year with only five points less than ”Dance You Off” in the public vote, ending up in last place. Or even worse, what if Sweden's least favourite song would be a smash with the juries and end up winning? Imagine the outrage. SVT are playing with fire.

    He also said that there's a substantial amount of app voters who give five hearts to pretty much all songs, and then went on to suggest that if they were disqualified, much of the problem would be solved. I don’t think it’s coincidence that kids aged 3–11 along with people aged 36–44 (i.e. parents to small kids) give the highest amount of votes per entry. Last week I spoke to a colleague, a mother of four, whose kids press the heart on every entry just to see the flames move on the screen. ”They think it's so much fun”, she said. I wanted to answer ”would you let your 2 year old vote in this year's election?!” but she already thinks I take Mello too seriously. Yes, she's a bitch.

    Rant over.
  9. The audacity! The nerve!
    Melodifestivalen is on my list of reasons I want to move to Sweden. I take it very seriously. We can only dream of a beautiful tradition like Melfest over here :(
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  10. If it's Jessica, I'm totally fine with it
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  11. That's exactly I'm doing now so come on and join me!
  12. My feels were right.
  13. I hate kids and I hate parents and I hate SVT.
  14. I wish! I was so serious about it, even took lessons in Swedish.
    But then before you know it, you're 29 and stil stuck in Belgium/Netherlands.

    (Which isn't that horrible though)
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  15. That thumbnail!!!!

  16. In honor of Saturday’s Svenska klassiker

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  17. He showed his arms though...yummy.
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