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Melodifestivalen 2018.

Discussion in 'Eurovision' started by Txetxu, Mar 22, 2017.

  1. Dreaming of Felix I bet.
  2. Felix was in London I saw on his Stories. I wonder why they weren’t flying back together. Maybe Felix $helled our for Business Class lmao.
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  3. Four weeks ago tonight

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  4. The new
  5. He liked my photo on Instagram. I’ve applied for my stan card lmao.
  6. Listened back to the final on the radio today. David Lindgren's almost tolerable when you can't see his smug girning face.

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  7. A&E


    So, Benyi and FELIX are releasing a song together this Friday. Titled "Tror du att han bryr sig" (do you think he cares), it's supposedly a Swedish version of Do You Think About Me. The teased lyrics make it sound a bit gay... or maybe it's just my wishful thinking?


  8. They performed it together a few weeks back. Sounds like a hit to me. Classic Swedish summer pop. I agree, it's a bit homo erotic.

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  10. All of a sudden I'm kind of into him with that buzz cut... oopsie
  11. @cakeboy and me have decided to come to Sweden for one of the Melodifestivalen semi finals next year! How long up front do they tell which act is in which round? Or is it easy to get tickets for the final?
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  12. I can tell you how it was this year.
    Tickets went on sale at the end of October.
    Semi lineups were announced at the end of November.

    I didn't have any trouble getting tickets for the final, but I did go for the cheap seats.
  13. Tickets go up before they announce the artist? So it's kind of a guess which acts you're gonna see. Smartest thing is to wait until end of November to buy your tickets then, no?
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  14. I presume they do that so people who live nearby can get tickets before all the travelling fans pour in.
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  15. Look which Melodifestivalen icon released a new single

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